How can I get a money slave

What it's like to be a money dominatrix

I've always found wage work sucks and the selection of normal student jobs is small and sucks: call centers, waiters, handing out flyers, selling subscriptions to people they never wanted. In short: I didn't feel like doing a lot of work for little money and instead decided to take out old, rich men with a friend.

I first found out about the existence of money domains and their so-called "money pigs" or "money slaves" about two years ago from an acquaintance. She was a "money mistress" and always had her pizza paid for using her money slave's credit card. It may sound absurd, but the relationship between her and the man was that as a dominatrix she asked for money and he gave it to her - whenever she wanted. As the money lord, she had access to his credit card and thus control over his finances - without anything in return. This fetish is not about sexual contact, but only about humiliation by giving away your own money.

Sounds pretty good, almost too good to be true. Even then, I was attracted by the idea of ​​being a money dominatrix and trying out whether it can really be that easy to get hold of money. However, I was still afraid at the time. On the one hand, I would have had to do it alone, as I didn't know anyone back then who would dare to be a money dominatrix too. On the other hand, I didn't live in a big city at the time - the danger of meeting my money slaves in everyday life was simply too great for me.

Nevertheless, over the years the idea didn't let me go completely and now, in Vienna, I decided with a friend who was also interested in just trying the whole thing. And it was easier than we thought.

We created an email account, googled "The 10 hottest porn actresses" to get inspiration for our dominatrix names and placed an ad on an Austrian classifieds portal. The next day we had around 20 emails. We all went through and quickly decided against the men who were too extreme. Among other things, they wanted us to control their entire expenses, or they wanted to be exempted in such a way that they would have to take out loans in order to still be able to survive. The first one we eventually met was polite and straightforward. He wrote:

"Dear Ladies Briana Bany * and Debi Diamond *, I read your advertisement with great interest, the thought of being held on a leash by two mistresses appeals to me very much. I am a submissive academic from Vienna, ** have blondes Hair and blue eyes, look younger. I serve you financially well and I give you money on my knees at your feet. I like to be obedient as a good dog, let me be taken on a leash, make good men, kiss your shoes, leave me command around and humiliate, light slaps and punishments, poppers ... I hope and ask you to get to know you. For a first meeting, I offer you 200 euros.

It kneels
with loving submissive greetings

Of course, we were scared and excited before the first meeting. Especially because we didn't really think about what it actually means to satisfy a stranger's fetish. Since there are no instructions on the Internet on how to become the perfect money dominatrix in ten steps, we had to decide based on our feelings how we would appear, what we would say and what we would write.

We raised the price for getting to know Roman for the first time to 300 euros and met him a few days later in the evening in Vienna's city park to discuss expectations and wishes. We had described our appearance in advance and waited at the agreed location. According to his self-description, Roman was "sporty, young, good-looking", in reality he had a beer pug and was in his mid-50s. He wore a suit, was about two meters tall, very broad and looked down the whole time, but didn't dare to reply something, to ask questions. All he said was a submissive "Yes, my mistresses" and "As you wish" when we explained to him what we would and would not do.

It's about humiliating yourself by giving money to people who haven't done anything for it and would normally be under you in everyday life.

We usually explained to all men in advance that there would be no physical and / or sexual contact at any time. Most of them were aware of this, they had their wives and children at home and were not even looking for sexual contact. (Of course we also got nude photos with dildos in asses or other sextoys, but surprisingly such messages were limited.) Further inquiries ranged from "meeting once a week to get money for last week's bills" to meetings in Love hotels to play doggie to the point of wanting to be driven into financial ruin. We met neither with the dog lovers nor with those who wanted to live out their self-destruction through us.

None of the meetings lasted more than ten minutes. We arranged to meet near an ATM, asked them to withdraw a certain amount of money, and then disappeared. To make sure no one would follow us home, we took the subway through the city and then went for a drink. Before and after the first meeting we walked through Vienna screaming hysterically, hardly believing that it had really worked. But over time you get used to everything - even to ordering strange men on Karlsplatz in the evening to give out 500 euros.

It felt surreal and awesome at the same time. Suddenly I was in a position of power I had never been in before. Men in high positions who gave orders all day suddenly had to give me money for no reason and for no consideration. Because I asked them to. Alone, it would probably have felt strange to fake this dominance, to demand things from someone that you could never demand, to satisfy a fetish for money. But if you do it in pairs, you can always reassure each other and confirm that all of this is okay. It was easier to act as a couple, to exchange experiences and - probably the most important thing - to reflect on what you were doing.

It is absurd to think that someone gives a stranger several hundred euros while a woman with a child in the snow is begging for the next block in front of the supermarket. Just donating to someone who needs it to survive is simply not what someone who wants to live out their fetish wants. It's about humiliating yourself by giving the hard-earned money to strangers who have done nothing for it and would normally be under you in everyday life.

The reactions of my friends were mostly positive: Most of them thought it was kind of cool, were happy that I could finally invite them to something, and at most were concerned about our safety. Then there was one acquaintance who didn't like the whole thing at all and accused us of taking not from the rich but from mentally ill people. The evening this conversation took place ended in a rather noisy argument.

Nobody has to support or approve of what we're doing, but it wasn't about mental illness, it was about fetishes. That's it: Anyone who imagines that the men we met were abnormal or looked weird is wrong. If you were to describe this behavior as mentally ill, you would have to describe every fetish as mentally ill.

What remains in the end is money and a bitter aftertaste.

In the end we stopped doing that. Not because we felt bad. We had very clearly considered and discussed whom we would not meet and that we would not cause any significant financial damage to anyone. It was mainly about the time. The meetings lasted only ten minutes, but the organization before that always took a lot longer.

Since there were two of us, we had to find times that were suitable for both us and the money slave. We usually had time towards evening. Since most men then wanted or had to spend quality time with their family, it was quite difficult. If that was the case, they usually wrote anxiously that they did not want to annoy the "mistresses", but that they planned to go to the cinema with their daughter that evening. In addition, there was writing and sometimes telephoning the men and the mental preparation for the meetings.

And at some point we didn't feel like it anymore. Even while chatting, most of them got on my nerves so much with their submissive talk that it later became easier for me to be dominant, but my desire for the meeting also decreased. At some point the hysterical shouts of joy turned into a monotonous "Do we really want to meet him now?"

What remains in the end is money and a bitter aftertaste. Meanwhile, I find the 1st district pretty creepy and abysmal. Still, I don't regret trying it and at some point, when Briana Bany and Debi Diamond feel like it again (but not when we run out of money), we will do it again without a guilty conscience.

* All names have been changed.

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