Where do people buy supermarkets in Greece

Vegan travel in Greece - tips for the Peloponnese

Hara: “Greece is so much more than just Santorini or Mykonos!

Therefore my tip to everyone who would like to visit Greece: book your trip individually if possible!

Hotels where you can get everything at any time of the day are all well and good, but you don't get to know the country and the people that way. That would be a shame, because that's what makes Greece so special.

Try to take smaller, family-run accommodations. Be mobile and take a look at the hinterland. Use routes and visit islands that are not in every travel guide.

Go to taverns where mostly locals sit, because that's where you get authentic food.

As a vegan traveler, I can only say that it is not a problem! The magic word here is real Nistisima = fast food.

If you ask about such dishes and mention again that it should be without animals please (Choris Zoika proionta = without animal products), then nothing can actually go wrong.

I've also often seen them serve you something extra if you couldn't find anything on the menu. Even if it was just grilled or fried vegetables.

In big cities like Athens, Thessaloniki and partly in Patras even the word vegan is already well known and you can ask about it directly.

My last tip: learns a few words of Greek.

People are really happy when you can speak a few words as a tourist. It's just a sign that you like Greece as much as the locals themselves. "

Dear Hara, we thank you for the interview and wish you and your family all the best!