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Law enforcement officer middle service.

Content of the training.

Your training as a police officer in the middle service is for a duration of two to two and a half years designed. This depends on the state in which you work.

In order to be able to start your apprenticeship at all, you have to do one first Recruitment test consist. With this, in written and oral exams your social skills and your general education are checked. There is also a Sports test: The requirements are different in every federal state. But they all have in common, for example, an obstacle course in which your speed and coordination are controlled.

If you complete the training as a law enforcement officer in the middle service, you will learn in your first year of training First get to know the profession of your choice in a one-week internship. If you have enjoyed your first glimpse into everyday life as a middle-class law enforcement officer, then you deal with the Basic training with specialist theoretical topics such as:

  • Safety and order doctrine
  • Criminal law
  • Criminology
  • Professional ethics

In addition, you also have general education in German and English as part of your vocational training. Since theory is all well and good, but in the end everything has to work out in practice, you will also learn in practical training trained. Here you will learn in realistic exercise scenarios, for example, how to keep watch, work with real vehicles or deal with aggressive interferers. Of course, you only use harmless dummies as weapons so as not to injure colleagues in your training company.

In the second year of your training as a law enforcement officer in the middle service, you will deepen the knowledge you have already learned in the vocational school - especially in matters Law Studies. Here you should get to know and understand the intentions of the legislature behind the corresponding paragraphs. Next to the Sports you also train your behavior in different seminars in specific seminars typical job situationsto prepare yourself well for your future job.

At the end of the second year of training, trainees submit a written and oral form theoretical final examination from. If you study hard and pass the exam with a score of at least 11.5 points, you have the opportunity to do your preparatory service shorten.

In the last year of your training as a law enforcement officer in the middle service, you will complete the Traffic guard training, driver training for police vehicles, driver safety training and other application seminars for important PC programs. If you also pass the second part of your career test at the end, you will get into a Civil service on probation.

Do you have the University entrance qualification and interest in your training as a police officer in upscale service to complete, higher demands are placed on you. While the practical tasks in middle and high service are still similar during the training period, the two variants differ in terms of further career opportunities: In contrast to the middle service, you strive for the higher service Bachelor degree which is, for example, a prerequisite for a successful application to the Criminal police applies.

You want to apply for an apprenticeship as a Police officer in middle service apply? Here you can find suitable apprenticeships in your area.