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Logo Quiz - German brand solutions

Are you looking for the solutions for the level of the Logo Quiz - German Brand App for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad? Then you are exactly right with us. We ran through the app for you and wrote down the solutions.

The game app can now be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, so there is one more of its kind again, because there are already an extremely large number of logo quiz apps in the app stores, including an extremely large number of bad ones. So make sure that the app icon here on the left matches the one of the app you are currently playing.

The principle of the game is very simple: you are shown a logo and you have to guess which brand it is! This is the logo of a German product, a brand or a company from Germany that you have to find out. In general, I think it's not bad that the logos were restricted by country this time, as other games often contained too many American brands that you could only really know if you had already traveled to the USA for at least a few weeks .

Many logos have been changed in such a way that you can't figure them out right away. Only 2% of the players have supposedly finished the entire game successfully so far, at least that's what developer Mangoo Games writes. Incidentally, this is the same developer who also released Logo Quiz Germany, City Quiz - 4 Pictures, Emoji Quiz, 1 City and Football Quiz - Guess the Team. Hundreds of logos are available and the brands are updated regularly and in real time. No update is required for this.

Whether you're at home, at work, or anywhere, this game is always fun and will test your memory!

- German brand logos
- No registration required
- currently more than 200 levels
- Play offline

Will you be able to recognize all brands? Are some levels too difficult and have you been thinking about it for hours? Can't you see some logos at all? We can remedy this with our solutions for Logo Quiz German Brands. We sat down and played through the levels in order to be able to help you at any time, as the coins can only be used to a limited extent. In addition, 10,000 credits currently cost € 4.49, which is supposed to be a reduction of 75%, but for me personally it is far too high for such an app.

In contrast to other apps, the levels in this app are always the same, i.e. you don't have to search great and shouldn't have any problems. So here is the promised Logo Quiz German brand solution for all levels (is constantly being expanded), have a lot of fun:

Logo Quiz - German Brands Solution Level 1-20:

Level 1: Adidas
Level 2: Nivea
Level 3: Audi
Level 4: Bosch
Level 5: Gruner & Jahr
Level 6: Becks
Level 7: Mercedes Benz
Level 8: Deutsche Bank
Level 9: Congstar
Level 10: Schwarzkopf
Level 11: FA
Level 12: Ableton
Level 13: Haribo
Level 14: Hugo Boss
Level 15: Joop
Level 16: Knorrr
Level 17: Lidl
Level 18: Alliance
Level 19: Puma
Level 20: Kärcher

A video solution with the first 20 levels can be found here on YouTube.

Logo Quiz - German Trademarks Solution Level 21-69:

Below we have more solutions for you! Yours is not there? We have already solved all levels and will add them quickly. No patience? Then write a comment!

Level 21: Jacobs
Level 22: Deutsche Bahn
Level 23: Deutsche Post
Level 24: Bertelsmann
Level 25: Leica
Level 26: Brabus
Level 27: Krombacher
Level 28: Blend a med
Level 29: Edeka
Level 30: GRP
Level 31: Berenberg
Level 32: Reebok
Level 33: Lufthansa
Level 34: Stabilo
Level 35: Hunter Master
Level 36: RWE
Level 37: Rewe
Level 38: Airberlin
Level 39: Florena
Level 40: Holsten
Level 41: Aigner
Level 42: Granini
Level 43: Dr Oetker
Level 44: DHL
Level 45: Oeltinger
Level 46: Porsche
Level 47: BMW
Level 48: Aldi
Level 49: Kempa
Level 50: Eplus
Level 51: Lamy
Level 52: Miele
Level 53: Dallmayr
Level 54: Strenesse
Level 55: Volkswagen
Level 56: Brown
Level 57: TetraPak
Level 58: Fairtrade
Level 59: Beyerdynamic
Level 60: Steinberg
Level 61: Apollinaris
Level 62: AMG
Level 63: Kuemmerling
Level 64: Daimler
Level 65: Dooleys
Level 66: Mediamarckt
Level 67: Metro
Level 68: handle
Level 69: Goldwasser

Logo quiz - German brands solution Level 21- 100 in the video:

Below we have the solutions up to 100 as a video for you. There are relatively many unknown brands, so it would not have made sense to just describe them here. The video is sure to help you a lot:

You can find the video with the first 20 levels here on YouTube.

Many of the solutions to the levels are also difficult because the developers did not go to great lengths to enable the player to guess at all. Either you know the brand or you don't. To make matters worse, many brands are so alienated that even connoisseurs are not allowed to identify them. Some brands are shortened to just one or two letters. This is not a logo quiz, but one about fonts or words. What should you do e.g. with a C and an O? In between, of course, there are no ellesi, so the well-known wholesaler brand Cellesio is the solution for this level. But anyone who no longer looks at the stock exchange prices in the Handelsblatt should not know the company and will not be able to recognize it by two letters. In terms of content, there are also a few errors, as e.g. bear hunter in Germany is called bear catcher. This is of course strange, but if you take a quick look at wikipedia, you could avoid such mistakes. As always with Mangoo Games, these are extremely poorly translated and researched. Even the premium app with the annoying popup is displayed in Dutch. What we're talking about in terms of advertising ... Video ads and full-page popups are really annoying.

More solutions will follow! You can also punch us in the comments if you need the answer for a certain level.

Logo Quiz - German Brands has so far only appeared in the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A version for Android will follow soon.

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Logo Quiz - German brands
+ Level of difficulty not as high as with other logo quizzes, as restricted by country