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The positive reception of innovations, new products, designs, evaluation criteria, values ​​or communication content such as advertising messages by those to whom they are addressed (potential buyers, advertisers, potential users, etc.).

Adbench investigation

A continuous, i.e. annually conducted, basic study by Focus Media Research on advertising benchmarking and quality monitoring, on advertising efficiency, benchmarking, quality assurance and cross-media, presented for the first time in 2001.

The Adbench study is based on standardized studies of the performance of television advertising, radio advertising, advertisements in print media, posters, brochures and information screens. Since the same standardized method is used for all six advertising media, the findings can be compared.


Clicking on an online form of advertising. This will open the advertiser's website.

Ad performance

Ad performance is understood to mean advertising in the form of extraordinary events or events that, for example, contain or focus on art, music or forms of (street) theater. An advertising campaign uses people's emotions and tries to convey its message on the wave of euphoria. -> from the trend book 2012 by trendone


Reports on the handling of online advertising campaigns. Advertisers thus have the opportunity to keep themselves informed about the success of a campaign (number of delivered banners, AdClicks, etc.). In the event of technical defects or complaints, AdReports are used to prove the online forms of advertising actually delivered. AdReports are created by AdServer.


Central server through which online advertising campaigns are booked and controlled. For this purpose, a tag is included on the web pages of the advertising medium, which establishes a connection to the AdServer when the page is called up. The AdServer receives the information about which page is making the call on which advertising medium and delivers the corresponding advertising message. Ad servers make it easy to control online campaigns on different web pages.


Adwords are small text ads that are displayed on the website of the Google search engine next to and above the organic search hits.

Affiliate advertising

Affiliate advertising is understood to be sales solutions based on the Internet, in which the sales partner is usually remunerated by a commercial provider via commission. The affiliate definition is: the provider of certain products (for example insurance or financial services) provides his partners with appropriate advertising material, for example in the form of banners, for his website. The so-called affiliate then places these on their websites and is then remunerated for the clicks on them.


The term describes the specific environment and milieu in which someone lives, or the special atmosphere that surrounds a personality or gives a room its special character.

"Point of ..."



Sport (fitness)


Sales (directly when shopping)

Education (schools, universities)

Out of home (city inventory)

Others (hospitals, libraries, etc.

Ambient meter

The Ambient Meter is a range study of the “Out of Home” media in Austria initiated and coordinated by TMC The Media Consultants. Awareness, likeability, last use and frequency of use are recorded in the study, whereby gross contacts and OTS can be determined. Furthermore, the mobility, occupation, shopping habits, media usage, household size, household net income, interests and socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents are determined. link

Ambient media

Ambient media are media formats that can be consumed in the out-of-home area of ​​the target group in a predictable manner. They merge with their surroundings and use the public as an aid to communication.

Ambient media trend barometer

This study was carried out in Austria for the first time in January 2009 with the help of Computer Assisted Web Interviews (CAWI). Decision-makers from media agencies, advertising agencies and advertising companies are asked about their use of ambient media and their assessments of ambient media.

Ambush Marketing

"Ambush" means "to attack from ambush" and is indicative of a marketing strategy that likes to focus on major media events in order to advertise its own products or services. The major event is often broadcast live on television, which guarantees an enormous reach. Contrary to the official sponsors, who pay a lot of money for advertising during the big event, "Ambusher" use this platform without giving the organizer the appropriate consideration.

Teletest Working Group (agtt)

An association that was founded in 2005 to carry the Teletest as a joint investigation by public television broadcasters, i.e. specifically the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) and providers of private television. The association Arbeitsgemeinschaft Teletest specifically includes ORF / ORF-Enterprise, IP Austria (RTL, RTLII, SuperRTL, VOX), ProSiebenSat.1 Puls4 Group (Pro7, Sat1, Kabel1, Puls4, ATV), Goldbach Media (N24, DMAX, Comedy Central, VIVA, Nickelodeon) and Servus TV.


As an interdisciplinary form of advertising, artvertising includes, on the one hand, all types of cultural sponsorship. On the other hand, it is understood to mean advertising that is presented in a creative artistic context. The attempt is made to transfer the non-commercial, intellectual aura that surrounds art and cultural objects to the advertising message and thereby charge the brand. -> from the trend book 2012 by trendone

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality describes a combination of different technologies with which the real environment can be enriched by overlaying or fading in virtual objects and information. Information or 3D animations are added to the natural environment in real time, e.g. on a head-mounted display ("data glasses"), on the computer screen or the mobile phone display. The applications are diverse and can be helpful for operations or training, for entertainment or to improve navigation. If you hold your mobile phone camera at a building, for example, information (texts, images, videos, etc.) about its history can be displayed; if you scan a product packaging, for example, the product can be shown on the display in a movable 3D model - > from trendone's 2012 trend book

Austrian Satellite Monitor

A continuous range study by the Viennese market research institute Fessel-GfK, whose client is the Sociéte Européenne des Satellites (SES) - the operating company of the Astra satellites -, the private television stations RTL Plus, ProSieben, Premiere, European Television Network (sports channel), CNN International, Telebild and the antenna manufacturer Amstrad.

Austrian Internet Monitor (AIM)

A continuous survey of online usage in Austria that has been carried out since 1996 - representative of the Austrian population aged 14 and over. Since the end of September 2003 it has been carried out solely by the market research institute Integral. 14,000 telephone interviews per year form the basic data for the AIM results.


The response rate (in%) indicates how many addresses or target persons were reached in a survey and how many were not reached (= failures). In the case of failures, a fundamental distinction is made between quality-neutral (e.g. a street or house number cannot be found) and systematic (e.g. refusal to interview) absences. The exhaustion thus indicates the extent to which the planned sample was exhausted.