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Controlled man says he is not an FBI agent - video is over a year old

05.06.2020 – 16:10

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In the course of the protests against racial discrimination in the USA and against racist actions by the local police, a video appears in social networks. In it, a dark-skinned man resists arrest. Many posts claim the man is an FBI agent.

EVALUATION: The video is from 2019, so it was recorded long before the current discussion. The man in the video who was about to be arrested is not an FBI agent, according to his own statements and according to official information.

FACTS: A video is currently often shared on social networks: A dark-skinned man is controlled by light-skinned police officers and - after resisting - is handcuffed. The arrested person kept repeating that they were mistaking him for him. The police looked at his ID and realized that they were suspecting the wrong man. The man's profession is not an issue in the video. (

In a press release, the city of Rochester (US state Minnesota) confirms that the video was recorded on June 1, 2019 ( When the police controlled a neighborhood in the city center, they believed to have recognized a person against whom an arrest warrant for assault was available. The wanted man was "roughly the same height, weight and age," according to the press release.

The police approached the man and asked for his name. He was briefly arrested for not cooperating. In the statement, the City of Rochester cleared up a claim made on social networks: "The person was not an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)."

The video was probably first published on the Twitter profile @ ThisIsNike1 ( The author confirms a publication dated June 1, 2019 in an answer in the short message service ( He describes the person who was about to be arrested as his school friend Atter. He confirms on his Facebook profile (Atter Monydel) that he is the person in the video and does not work for the FBI or the police (

The FBI claim likely came through a now-deleted tweet from @ ThisIsNike1, who commented on the video by saying, "He's an FBI agent." The fact checkers of "Snopes" show a screenshot online, which they mark as "Joke" (German: "Witz") ( It can be assumed that the claim spread from then on. Users on Twitter also commented that the man in the video was not an FBI agent (



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