How bad are croissants

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many. But regardless of whether it is enjoyed or swallowed quickly - some foods are taboo at breakfast.

Bonn - breakfast is for many who most important meal of the day. After all, you have to awake will and fit start the day. That works well with the right foods, because many Breakfast classics unfortunately do sluggish and tired instead of awake and full.

Unhealthy Breakfast: These foods should not be eaten in the morning

For one good start in the day should that breakfast at best valuable ingredients deliver for the body, saturate and energy deliver. However, there not make you tired or fat. StrongsugaryFood is therefore a bad choice, but it is exactly what is often on the menu.

These Food does not belong in a healthy breakfast:

  • Toast: toast is especially with Nutella or butter delicious. But no matter what you eat it with - White bread makes in the long run thick. Because toast usually consists of Wheat flour, Has hardly any fiber or others useful ingredients, but for that lots of carbohydrates. That means: toast makes us full for a short time, but that does not last long and it will follow Food cravings. Spelt and full grain are healthier alternatives. Even better than toast would be a slice of wholemeal bread, at best homemade.
  • Croissants and other sweet pastries: Also popular, especially on weekends. Unfortunately, there is a lot in croissants Fat. Croissants add up to 100 grams 400 calories. The occasional croissant is not a problem, though Standard breakfast but it should Not belong. Especially not in combination with Nutella or butter and Jam.
  • Cereals / Cornflakes: They also sound healthy at first. Finally stuck Grain in this. Breakfast cereals, cereals and other things often contain a lot Sugar, to improve the taste. Especially children Cereal (from the pack) shouldn't have breakfast often because the Sugar can damage teeth. In addition, breakfast flakes often consist of Wheat flour. Some cornflakes were recently noticed by pollution, reports *. Better put on Oatmeal with fruitand yogurt, for example. Also as porridge Soaked oatmeal taste delicious and fill you up.
  • Fruit juices: They are also part of a good breakfast. However, they are less suitable for everyday use in larger quantities. Because it is about nectar or something Multivitamin juice, is often too Added sugar. Then there is the normal one Fructose. That leaves that too Blood sugar level Play crazy, it would be better freshly squeezed juice.
  • pancakes: For us it is seldom part of the breakfast, but still delicious are pancakes. But many have that too Carbohydrates. If you take the American version, often still come Maple syrup or Chocolate sauce to. Occasionally as a main course, pancakes are of course not a problem.
  • Latte macchiato and cappuccino: coffee replaces breakfast for many. So that you still feel a little satiated, becomes Milk coffee seized. The milk the problem is has many calories and can in the long run high coffee consumption thick do. Would be better teaor black coffee. Decaffeinated, plant-based coffee alternatives are also good.
  • Sausage: Almost self-explanatory, because it contains sausage a lot of fat. Unfortunately, often just as many Preservatives or Flavor enhancers. You should follow the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society judge. Maximum 600 grams of meat per week it should be according to the ten rules of the DGE. Vegan sausage alternatives are basically something healthier than normal sausage, which reports the center of health.
  • Nutella: Whether original or one of the many alternatives - the delicious cream is unfortunately not healthy at all. The creams contain a lot Sugar, Even with breakfast, the one recommended by the DGE can be used Daily amount of sugar covered or exceeded. In addition, is often still Palm oil contain. You'd better make your own jam.
  • Granola bar: They sound healthy too, after all, they are fruit and Grain in this. But purchased granola bars is often sugar added, so they mainly contain lots of carbohydrates. Long fed up do the bars too Not absolutely. Also good for Take For example, fruit leather is suitable, or you can nibble nuts or pumpkin seeds instead.

In many cases they are Homemade products healthier. They have to consumed quickly but do not contain any Preservatives and the Amount of sugar It is up to you. Occasional lavish breakfasts, for example on weekends, are not a problem. In the long run, however, you'd better be healthy and fresh as well as seasonal ingredients put. And the way it is done is also crucial. Having breakfast quickly in the car or between train and work just stresses us out. Take your time. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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