Elsa is gay in Frozen

Frozen 2: will Elsa become the first-ever lesbian Disney princess?

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Will the community get what it wants? Image: gettyimages / disney / montage

"Frozen 2": will Elsa become the first lesbian Disney princess?

As soon as the first teaser trailer for Disney's animated hit "Frozen 2" was released this week, it started again. In addition to sweat of fear on the foreheads of the parents (the songs creep deep into the ears of every person and leave them never more again - in short: permanent catchy alarm) and tears of joy from all fans, the speculation was fueled again.

The question: will Elsa now become the first lesbian Disney princess of all time?

We took a closer look at the pros and cons:

She wears pants

Yeah ... good. You would say if you have been on the street in the past 100 years. In the conservative Disney cosmos, however, different rules of the game apply. A female figure does not wear pants there. Especially not if she is a princess.

And she is not alone with it! There is another protagonist - a stranger - who also wears pants.

Who is this new character?

Some fans suspect the girlfriend of Elsa behind the new female figure in pants. What could speak against it: But she seems to be quite young.

What is the role of Evan Rachel Woods?

Image: imago stock & people

What is completely unclear after the trailer is what role Woods will play. Since autumn last year it has been clear that she will complement the cast. Even then, the cast generated high expectations in the LGBTQ community. The reason: Rachel Evan Woods is bisexual.

Now the demands are loud again:

This is what Elsa’s voice says:

Like Even Idnina Menzel, the voice of Elsa, about the theory that the Ice Prince could be a lesbian, she said in an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" in 2016:

"I think it would be great."

This is what the screenwriter says:

Jennifer Lee, who writes the screenplay for "Frozen," said last year:

"I love everything people say and think about our film - that it inspires dialogue, that Elsa is such a wonderful character who speaks to so many people. It means a lot to us to be part of this conversation. We have had countless Discussions about where this is going and we are very conscientious about this issue.
I always write from a character's point of view and where Elsa is and where she wants to go, she tells me every day. We'll see where that leads us. "

Huffington post

Even then, it made the rumor mill simmer properly.

In any case, the community is on 🔥

So how likely is it that Elsa is a lesbian?

If we knew that, we would have a crystal ball. In the end, in the conservative Disney universe, there is as much to be said for a lesbian princess as it is against. Because: The target group of Disney are "classic families". In the USA in particular, rumors about LGBTQ characters in Disney films have repeatedly caused enormous criticism.

In order not to scare away millions of fans, the group has always acted cautiously.

Example: "Beauty and the Beast".

In the run-up to the remake, Disney had announced that LeFou would be gay. But then you could see, yes, NOTHING ...

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