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Black Butler: Seasons and Episode Guide

The mix of horror, mystery and fantasy

Everything about "Black Butler" can be found in the episode guide. What secret links the Phantomhive servant to the ultimate superior of the dynasty?

  • In "Black Butler" the orphan Ciel conjures up a demon in anger and sadness.
  • Sebastian stays by his young master's side until his family's murderers are caught.
  • With various streaming services you have the best chances to see the anime series.

The mix of mystery, horror and fantasy elements celebrated its premiere in October 2008 on the Japanese broadcaster MBS. For a long time, the anime in Germany was only available on disc or on the specialized streaming service Anime on Demand, before Netflix also secured some broadcasting rights. "Black Butler" tells the tragic story of the last survivor of the Phantomhive House. A diabolical deal is supposed to help him uncover the secret of the misfortune.

Black Butler: Current broadcast dates

"Black Butler" can mainly be seen on some streaming providers such as Netflix or Anime on Demand. You can find out whether and when the mystery anime can be seen on pay or free TV with a look at our overview.

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Black Butler: Seasons and Episode Guide

Our episode guide lists all episodes of the three seasons of the anime series.

The Black Butler episode guide includes 3 seasons with 46 episodes. You can see the episode list of the individual seasons below.

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Black Butler: Book of Circus

2014 • 10 episodes

In season 3 of "Black Butler", Ciel and Sebastian deal with a case of missing children. The tracks lead to a circus, which the demonic butler takes a closer look at as an undercover artist.

The season is not available as a stream

List of Black Butler episodes

season 1

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
1x1His butler is talentedHis Butler, Able02.10.2008
1x2His butler is the strongestHis butler, Strongest09.10.2008
1x3His butler is all powerfulHis butler, omnipotent16.10.2008
1x4His butler is moodyHis butler, Capricious23.10.2008
1x5His butler: A chance meetingHis Butler, Chance Encounter30.10.2008
1x6His butler: attending a funeralHis Butler, at the Funeral06.11.2008
1x7His butler: travelingHis Butler, Merrymaking13.11.2008
1x8His butler: A dressageHis butler, training20.11.2008
1x9His butler: An illusionHis Butler, Phantom Image27.11.2008
1x10His butler: On the iceHis butler, on ice04.12.2008
1x11His butler: What a manHis Butler, However You Please11.12.2008
1x12His butler: lonelinessHis Butler, Forlorn18.12.2008
1x13His butler: parasitesHis butler, freeloader25.12.2008
1x14His butler: Unusually capableHis Butler, Supremely Talented15.01.2009
1x15His butler: a competitionHis Butler, Competing22.01.2009
1x16His butler: Lonely castleHis Butler, in an Isolated Castle29.01.2009
1x17His butler: dedicationHis Butler, Offering05.02.2009
1x18His butler: ForwardHis Butler, Transmitted13.02.2009
1x19His butler: imprisonmentHis Butler, Imprisoned20.02.2009
1x20His butler: EscapeHis butler, escaping27.02.2009
1x21His butler: is hiringHis Butler, Engaging Servants06.03.2009
1x22His butler: disappearsHis Butler, Dissolution13.03.2009
1x23His butler: On fireHis Butler, Up in Flames20.03.2009
1x24His butler: FluentHis Butler, Fluent27.03.2009

season 2

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
2x1The black butlerBlack Butler01.07.2010
2x2The only real butlerSolo butler08.07.2010
2x3The effeminate butlerProstitute butler15.07.2010
2x4The terror butlerTerror Butler22.07.2010
2x5The shiny butlerThe Monster Butler29.07.2010
2x6The evening dew butlerNight Dew Butler05.08.2010
2x7The murdering butlerKiller butler12.08.2010
2x8The revealing butlerConfessing Butler19.08.2010
2x9The empty butlerHollow butler26.08.2010
2x10A butler without a masterZero Butler02.09.2010
2x11The butler at the crossroadsCrossroad butler09.09.2010
2x12Black ButlerBlack Butler16.09.2010

season 3

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
3x1His butler - presentedHis Butler, Presenting11.07.2014
3x2His butler - In the ringHis Butler, Taking the Stage18.07.2014
3x3His butler - hiredHis Butler, Hired25.07.2014
3x4His butler colleagueHis butler, colleague01.08.2014
3x5His butler - fliesHis Butler, Taking Flight08.08.2014
3x6His butler - negotiatesHis butler, liaison15.08.2014
3x7His butler - cares lovinglyHis Butler, Careful Tending22.08.2014
3x8His butler - grins scornfullyHis Butler, Sneering29.08.2014
3x9His butler - very calmHis butler, serene05.09.2014
3x10His butler - ExecuteHis Butler, Fulfilling His Duty12.09.2014
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Black Butler: Plot

Follows Ciel and his demonic servant into the Victorian era of the nineteenth century in "Black Butler". The young head of the family not only lost his parents in a fire, he soon got caught up in a sect that abused him for occult rituals. Out of his situation, Ciel conjured a demon who, in exchange for his soul, stood by his side as butler Sebastian Michaelis.

Sebastian Ciel fulfills every wish to perfection, but he has his own plans for Ciel's soul and unconsciously guides his actions. The butler in black is as good a housekeeper as he is as a cold killer, whose skills Ciel appreciates in the search for his parents' murderers. How do we end the fate of the two souls connected?

Black Butler: dubbing

If you listen carefully, we will recognize many voices behind the characters. Sebastian Fitzner Ciel lends his voice in the German dubbing, which you also hear as Scot in "Locke & Key". Bernhard Völger as the voice of Sebastian Michaelis is no stranger either. This is what Shirou Ogami, among others, speaks in "BNA: Brand New Animal".

As the speaking role of Grell Sutcliff, bisexual demon and not uninterested in Sebastian, you hear the experienced speaker Julien Haggège (Frenchie in "The Boys"). The German voice behind Queen Victoria is Josephine Schmidt (Elsbeth in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina").

Black Butler: Production

The anime adaptation is based on the successful manga template of the same name from the pen of the mangaka Yana Toboso. The renowned animation studio A-1 Pictures distinguished itself for the implementation of the material as a series. The studio made a name for itself especially with the anime for "Sword Art Online". Other highlights from the animation company are for example "Fairy Tail" or "Erased - The city where I don't exist".

In addition to two longer OVAs for "Black Butler" and other anime films, the 2014 live action film "Black Butler - A Devil from a Butler" was released. This is based on the manga template, but tells its own story and puts you in a fictional year 2020 in which the countries of the world are divided into east and west. The young Shiori works as a spy on behalf of the Queen of the West and has had to pretend to be a boy since the death of her parents. She is supported by the demon Sebastian.

Alternatives to "Black Butler"

Fans of the mysterious and dark will surely also like "Death Note" or the action-packed "Soul Eater" if you are looking for alternatives to "Black Butler". You might also like "Bungo Stray Dogs", in which you accompany the orphan Atsushi with special powers in the fight against the port mafia of Yokohama.

In "Death Note" Light Yagami finds a special notebook. This notebook was dropped to earth by a god of death. Those whose names are written in the notebook die.

In "Soul Eater" you accompany Maka Albarn, a young scythe master and her weapon Soul. Soul is a boy who can take the form of a scythe. Together they are on the hunt for witches.

Black Butler

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