Indian women wearing deodorant

Coconut + jasmine
Deodorant coconut and jasmine

Coconut + jasmine, deodorant coconut and jasmine

Inspired by the beauty rituals of Indian women: our Dove care secrets Regenerating ritual Coconut and jasmine blossom fragrance 0% deodorant for regenerated underarm skin that feels extra soft.
The 0% formula is pure care pleasure for your skin! Enriched with ¼ care cream soothes and nourishes the sensitive skin in the armpit area day after day. Regenerating ritual Coconut and jasmine blossom scent 0% deodorant. It becomes tender, smooth and supple and offers up to 48 hours of protection.
Regenerating care for your armpits.
Deodorants: pleasant freshness instead of body odor. A good deodorant reliably protects against body odor. With antibacterial agents, deodorants fight odor-causing bacteria - and thus the cause of unpleasant body odor. They also contain various fragrances, which also provide a feeling of security and freshness. Good to know: Dove deodorants contain 0% aluminum salts and are marked with the words "0% aluminum salts".
What makes Dove deodorants different from many others? When developing our innovative products, we not only make sure that they reliably protect against underarm wetness and body odor in every situation. We also use ¼ of the unique Dove care cream for our products for soft, supple and delicate-looking skin. The care cream protects the sensitive underarm skin and helps it to regenerate faster, even with frequent shaving. For smooth and well-groomed armpits.
Dove supports women in developing the full potential of their individual beauty by developing products that are tailored to the personal needs of their skin and hair. Because we believe that only those who feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin through the right care can also radiate this. Therefore, when it comes to deodorant protection, we have made it our business to develop products that not only offer reliable protection against wet armpits and body odor, but also pamper the sensitive underarm skin by adding our ¼ care cream.
True beauty is cruelty free.
All Dove products are certified as cruelty free by PETA: We have been using cruelty-free methods to assess the safety of our products and ingredients for over 30 years. This is why our products will have the PETA Cruelty Free logo on their packaging from the beginning of 2019. We guarantee to our customers that Dove will not conduct tests on animals either now or in the future.

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