How valued should wealth be

10 ways to get rich

Few people make it to the wealth they want. But the paths to wealth can be quite diverse: from ambitious work to bizarre ideas - we give you a brief overview.

Wealth through entrepreneurship

From nothing, comes nothing. If you want to get rich, you have to work for it. You heard that as a child. And indeed: work can really make you rich!

What you need: Ideally an unbeatable business idea, a lot of staying power and ideally a few financially strong investors. Once your own start-up is doing very well, you live on the current income or you sell the company.

That sounds complex, hard and tedious. It is a good thing that there are all sorts of other routes to great wealth. However, this method has one decisive advantage: Only here you have success in your own hands.

With luck to great fortune

All gamblers' hearts probably dream of it: We are talking about a million dollar lottery win.

But don't forget: when gambling you should never bet more than you can easily bear in the event of a loss. Because of course not everyone wins when gambling.

That sounds complex, hard and tedious. It's a good thing that there are all sorts of other routes to great wealth. However, this method has one decisive advantage: Only here you have success in your own hands.

With ingenuity to the millions

"Invent something that you need just as much as toilet paper, and wealth will come by itself."

That doesn't sound that difficult at first - but only a few manage to find a real niche in the market.

The IT industry is currently the best address for inventions and ideas worth millions and billions. But it doesn't always have to be the next Facebook or the next Google. Sometimes bizarre ideas are also quite successful: This is how the inventor of Santa Mail did it, who supplied people with mail from Santa Clause and made millions with it. Also unusual ideas: artificial bones as children's toys or car antenna smileys.

Millionaire through smart investments

If you make the right investment at the right time, you can make a lot of money without a lot of work.

But you have to be honest: if you want to generate more than a few percent return, you need a keen nose for the right business - or just good luck.

Unfortunately, you usually need sufficient start-up capital and a willingness to take risks to make a big profit. Or you can do it like Kristoffer Koch. The student once invested a modest 27 dollars in the virtual currency bitcoins and lo and behold: after a few years this investment turned into almost 900,000 dollars.

The “trade yourself rich” principle

In theory this sounds wonderful:

What you have at home can lay the first stone of your own dream home. The great wealth lies as a paper clip on your desk or as a balloon in your kitchen drawer. Maybe it's an old shoe, a half-smoked cigarette, an empty beer can or a scribbled pad of paper. All of it can eventually be exchanged - for something that is a little bit more valuable. Always like this and at some point you have reached your goal.

This is how Kyle MacDonald made his fortune, who traded a red paper clip for a fish-shaped pencil. The pen became a handmade ceramic doorknob. The doorknob became a grill and the grill became a 100 watt generator. After a few complications, Kyle swapped the generator for an instant party that a moderator took for a snowmobile. A two-person trip, a pickup truck, a record deal, an annual rental, a date with Alice Cooper, a rare fan article by the band Kiss, and a film role lay between Kyle and the newly renovated farmhouse, which he was allowed to call his property after a year of barter deals .

How to get rich

No wonder that all humans were hunters and gatherers at one point or another. Those who hunt and collect enough can ultimately make great fortune. With the hunt for rare autographs, for example. With rare fan articles, records, paintings or coins. Collecting stamps is something for bores, because some people have even got rich with stamps

A certain Beatles autograph is worth around € 18,000. Record records like Mark Chapman's “Double Fantasy” LP are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and paintings like Munch's “Scream” have sold for over a hundred million dollars. The most valuable coin in the world is again the Liberty dollar from 1794 at around 8 million dollars. Recently, a Dresden pensioner couple, for example, has made a name for themselves among the stamp collectors with a one-cent stamp from 1861 with the minting Benjamin Franklins owned. The misprint in this stamp gave it an estimate of € 2.5 million.

With arts to the million

It is actually amazing that people like to associate the arts with starvation. Because on the other hand, they can make you rich just as well. Whether music, literature, film, photography or painting - great talent can be rewarded with great wealth.

What you also need is the right advertising network, a feeling for the zeitgeist and the will to market yourself according to the zeitgeist.

As a musician, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber brought it to a whopping $ 1.2 billion. The richest actor is Jerry Seinfeld with $ 820 million. Well, after all, he also realized himself as an author. Speaking of authors, there are many a bestselling millionaire among them. Joanne K. Rowling's net worth is estimated at $ 300 million a year with Harry Potter and the resulting sales of the film rights.

YouTube millionaires - with great speeches to success

Anyone who can talk becomes a politician. Or he'll become a YouTube millionaire. The latter is associated with significantly less effort or public dangers. But the two professions have one thing in common: They divide the crowd with their views.

To make big money on YouTube you don't even need film equipment these days. Get on your cell phone, regularly shoot a polarizing home video in mediocre to marginally low quality and the millions can be bagged. At least in some individual cases.

A YouTuber with the nickname Pewdiepie showed the way: With YouTube videos about video games you can make great fortune. Other YouTube millionaires let women's hands unwrap toys and comment on them like Disneycollectorbr does. What do they all have in common? Ultimately, they live from the products or inventions of others and make millions by giving up their mustard. Parodies like those by Disneycartoys are particularly popular. In order to parody the characters from Disney films, they at least use scenes that they have written themselves. Or you can make coaching videos in which you give other valuable tips for the great wealth. And get rich yourself with it.

Family ties worth millions

Wealthy parents, a millionaire sons, or a well-heeled spouse? For many, this is a dream.

If you are not so lucky, you have to come up with something to change that. You wouldn't be the first person to be adopted for money, for example. For example, the former DSDS star Daniel Kübelböck pulled through the adoption thing. A 70-year-old millionaire adopted him at the time. Prince Marcus von Anhalt was even more successful - the adoptive son of Frédéric von Anhalt, who after Prince Marcus ’tax evasion wants to dissolve the adoption.

The establishment of a millionaire state

Earning wealth, getting married, collecting, playing, inventing, talking - everyone can do all of that?

Then try a bit more imaginative, found your own state and collect taxes there yourself. All you need is a piece of land that no one has claimed ownership of. Well, go ahead and discover, but be careful that you don't come across a hostile original tribe in nowhere that could get in the way of your founding of the state.

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