BTS know about their Indian fans

13th chapter

“She knew blood was thicker
was when water "

13. Chapter Bully

"Just hold your edge." I hissed softly to myself, rolled my eyes and ran past her. She smiled mischievously. "Leila Colldspeare, not only a bad liar, now also untalented as an actress." She laughed lightly and joined me next to the row of washbasins where I was standing. I stopped washing my hands and looked up, confused, looking at her in the large mirror in front of us. "What do you think?" I asked thoughtlessly. She looked at me the same way, put her hands on my shoulders and turned my head forward. "Deny it as much as you want, but your family is dirty." She whispered in my ear, but I was too drawn to answer. "A hysterical mother who wants to know about everything, a father filled with hate who would like to see the neighbors burned, a little brother who defies the rules and then there you are ..." I thought about her words, she was right about all of this, she knew it. Which made the question simmer in me; Who else knew? "What about me?" It came out of my mouth after some hesitation and she smiled. Her hands tightened around my shoulders, and I winced inconspicuously. "The daughter who hates this life and wants to get out." I frowned. "Out of where?" She let go of me and carelessly straightened her dark, voluminous hair. "Get out of your life, out of your family. Isn't that so? Perhaps .. preferably to your neighbor, whom she can see, but is never seen."

She disappeared from the washroom of the girls' bathroom. Aishwarya-Hyun Park, Wary for short, in my class and very popular. Indian descent, her parents moved to Korea 17 years ago. She always had something against me and it was only in her presence that I felt uncomfortable. Your parents were business partners of my father beenwhich is why I met her before school. We always tried to get along well, but as we got older, an argument broke out between the two of us. Because she fell head over heels in love with Tae and tried everything to get hold of him, dragging me into the dirt myself, just to look good in front of him. But he showed no interest in her, and to be honest, I suspected that she blamed me for it. There were only two days left until the holidays and I had finished my last job, which is why I was now standing alone in the hygiene area. After we returned the work to our teacher, we were allowed out of the classroom. It was about to ring for the break and the toilets would be more than overcrowded, so I hurried.

I ran to the hand dryer, stuck my wet fingers in it and was immediately greeted by the drying fan, which whirled my hair up. Footsteps rang out behind me and I rolled my eyes. "Wary, just get out of here, nobody wants you here." I turned and looked, to my amazement, at a Taeyong leaning against the wall, dangling my chain in his hand and looking at me. "The same goes for you Tae." I meant, ran back to the mirror and straightened my slightly fluffed hair. "Wary? Isn't that that half-Indian?" It came from the Asian and I stared over at him. "It doesn't matter, what do you want here? Or do you have to go for little girls? "I teased him and he pushed himself off the wall with a snort." Here, "he said and threw the piece of jewelry towards me, which I was just able to catch by reflex. I looked over at him indignantly, but turned my eyes immediately back on the chain to make sure it was intact. I drove along it centimeter by centimeter when suddenly the boy next to me spoke up. "Nothing happened to her, if that is the reason that you are imitating an underdeveloped mole. "He hissed and I glanced over at him warningly." If that was all. "I gave in ignoring myself, pocketed the jewelry and turned away from the larger one when he suddenly stood next to me." Tae, that is still the girls' bathroom. Boys have no business here, especially not you. "If I reminded the Asian, but he was very little interested, he gave me the impression." I'm only here because I want to talk to you again about your grandmother. "Abruptly I let go of my disinterested attitude towards him and turned to the boy. “Did you find out more?” I slipped out inquisitively, but before he could answer me, we heard voices approaching us.