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Sights in NRW

Museums, parks & gardens, amusement parks & Co.

There are numerous sights in NRW. Here you will find important museums, the most beautiful parks & gardens, our UNESCO World Heritage sites, exciting amusement parks and breathtaking palaces and castles.

Animal experiences, summer toboggan run and climbing fun in the Rothaar Mountains

Animal enclosures, "Fichtenflitzer" and climbing volcanoes offer action-packed leisure fun for the whole family. Barbecue areas at the lake invite you to relax.

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A castle for mining

Like a medieval castle, the winding tower of the Hannover colliery rises into the sky of the north of Bochum.

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Baroque buildings with exemplary character

The baroque splendor of the Brühl castles takes the visitors' breath away. Anyone standing in the stairwell understands why other royal courts once looked enviously towards Brühl. Today both buildings, along with gardens and parks, are on the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites.

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Close to the water: experiments, worlds of experience and spaces of experience

The Aquarius is entirely dedicated to studying one element: water. On 14 floors, visitors learn which routes the cool water takes, where it comes from and how it is used. Hobby researchers, history and culture enthusiasts alike get their money's worth.

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The picturesque setting offers space for a break

The magnificent building in the Hohe Mark Nature Park is an ideal starting point for day travelers who want to relax and at the same time discover baroque beauty. A path leads from the access avenue through the middle of the moated castle into an English garden. In addition to wonderful parks, visitors can trace the history of the castle in the in-house museum.

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A magical legacy with many supporters

When lords of the castle open their doors to the public, the venerable walls usually give the impression that the monarchy can be reintroduced right away. Freshly whitewashed walls, splendid stucco and neat furniture make visitors dream of the seemingly carefree life of previous owners. Türnich Castle is different.

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An amusement park for nostalgics and lovers

Beck Castle is a leisure center and place of remembrance in one. The late-baroque pleasure palace with its many historical attractions and venues takes parents back to their past, and children still enjoy themselves today on the wave slide or the ladybird roller coaster. On the unique treetop path, explorers learn more about the flora and fauna at lofty heights.

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Of counts and miners' lamps

In beautiful Moers you can go shopping in the old town, stroll through the castle park or climb a dump on which an oversized miner's lamp stands.

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Fantastic theme park worlds

Africa, China, Mexico and Berlin meet mystery and fantasy - only available in Phantasialand! Six themed worlds offer an adventurous journey with roller coasters, water rides & Co.

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Work and everyday life of the mountainous rural population in 1900

In the 19th century, life in the Bergisches Land was still characterized by unprofitable agriculture and strenuous industrial work in the numerous hammers and cottages. What that meant for the people back then is not just theory for the visitors to the LVR open-air museum in Lindlar.

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