Why do airplanes have no backwards 1

Dangerous pull of the jets

Airplanes are always pushed back from the dock. There are even docks where the aircraft is pulled to the dock by means of a tractor, as the distances between the engines and the dock do not allow them to run. The reason: the space available at the airport stands are in the vast majority of cases very tight. The distances between the individual aircraft, the dock and all the equipment for loading or unloading the aircraft are often only a few meters.

And that means a danger. Because one must not forget that there is an enormous suction in the intake area of ​​the engine. Whole people have also been sucked into engines when they passed too close to the intake duct. In the case of commercial aircraft, the situation is not so dramatic; the danger of sucking in dirt and other objects with an engine would, however, be greatly increased in the area of ​​the docks.

No rearview mirrors

Something can always be left lying around after loading or refueling and even the smallest objects could damage the engine. Backward thrust would also stir up the air and further increase the risk of dirt or objects flying around. On the runway after landing, this risk is not very great, as the speed of travel means that there is no turbulence in the air in front of the engine.

In addition, it is unfortunately not possible to look behind the aircraft from the cockpit. Normally you can see just enough from the cockpit to be able to estimate the distance to the wing tips. You cannot see further back and there are no mirrors. Therefore, with backward thrust, you would not be able to see where you are rolling.

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