Can an intersex person get pregnant

Intersex: Operated because they are neither male nor female

Trans * people are sure: they were born in the wrong body. A woman trapped in a man's body. A man who sees a vagina in the mirror where a penis should be. There are no reliable figures on how many people are transidentical or transsexual. But according to the German Society for Trans Identity and Intersexuality, 0.25 percent of all children born are trans *. The desire to live as a member of the opposite sex can cause identity and personality to suffer, as the sex therapist Melanie Büttner explains in this sex podcast episode.

The topic is a must for a podcast that deals with all issues related to sex and sexuality. We see it like our listeners, who have sent us numerous questions. Because there is so much to talk about, two episodes were created. In this first episode we clarify how people notice that they are trans *, how transsexuality is differentiated from homosexuality, for example, and how people who were born into the deviating gender feel. In the second episode, Büttner then talks about how the outside can be brought into line with the true being inside, even with operations, and what challenges this brings with it.

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