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One of the most famous historical personalities associated with Austria is definitely Sissi - although she was born in Bavaria. Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie was born a duchess in Munich and married her cousin Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria at the age of 16. She thus became Empress of Austria - and strengthened the relationship between Prussia and Austria. The myth about Empress Elisabeth I still makes hearts beat faster today - not least thanks to the three films by Ernst Marischka.

Emperor Franz I founded the Austrian Empire in 1803, and in 1806 he laid down the now insignificant Roman-German imperial crown. The so-called “Compensation” created the Austro-Hungarian dual monarchy in 1867, which disintegrated after the First World War.

The Republic of Austria, founded in 1918, now a small state, was the first country to fall victim to Hitler's policy of aggression in 1938. In 1945 Austria declared itself an independent state again (Second Republic), but remained occupied for ten years by troops from the four great powers France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and the USA. In 1955 Austria gained its sovereignty. In the same year, the National Council decided on Austria's permanent neutrality, which has since formed the basis of its foreign policy. In 1995 Austria became a member of the European Union after a referendum.

The national holiday of Austria commemorates the decision of the National Council to perpetuate neutrality.