Are business consultants worth the money

Why is it worth using business consulting?

The basic service of consulting firms is to provide expert advice to assist the organization that has chosen this type of service. During their work, the counselors use the collected materials to analyze the given situation. In this way, the knowledge and the materials created by the employees become added value for which the company is willing to pay. According to a survey carried out by the Prospect Foundation of 105 Polish entrepreneurs in 2019, more than 70% of them reported having encountered problems that they could not solve without the help of outside companies. The second most frequent answer was that a consulting firm is allowed to provide new insights into the data, which are then analyzed by the recipient of the service.


Where can I get most of the advice?

The complexity of the selected market sectors and the desire to save time mean that the range of activities of consulting firms is broad. It is easy to distinguish between projects that Polish entrepreneurs are most interested in. These are:

The company's operational strategy for years to come

Expansion into new markets

Introduction of a new product

Improving effectiveness in a selected area within the organization

Optimization of costs and processes in the company

Tax and legal advice

Marketing support activities


However, looking at the situation on a global level, the business consulting market was valued at $ 250 billion in 2019, and one area that is gaining tremendous popularity in the use of such services is the IT sector. The increasing digitization at local or global level makes it clear that in order to be classified as competitive in the field of new technologies, a market flexibility is necessary that can be developed by consulting firms.


Polish consulting market

Over 2 million companies in Poland are small and medium-sized enterprises, and therefore they represent a significant majority of all local economic activities. In response to market demand, it is now possible to find a specialist advisor in almost any area. The advice allows you to realize a professional project despite the lack of your own specialists. In addition, such a service brings with it additional knowledge and practices that are similar to those of global corporations. Due to the fact that the approach to the customer by having a separate workforce for the tasks is very individual, business risks are greatly minimized.


time is money

After hiring an outsourced company to complete tasks that, due to their complexity, have taken up a large chunk of your time, there is an opportunity to work on other urgent matters. This is to prevent the company's processes from being slowed down at the expense of the problematic aspect. In the course of the development of innovation activities in companies, it has been shown that factors that block or slow down activities in a company have a negative impact on the synergies of industries within the organization. It is therefore advisable to use external expertise if necessary.


Rank of achievements

Advice in a sense reflects how customers and the market define strategy for businesses in general. It offers an additional rational-analytical perspective, in which the problem with the takeover of this service becomes smaller. Competition between firms is increasing in the local market, and that is true of most industries as we know them. So every obstacle that arises requires action, and if any of them are specialized external workers, this alternative is worth considering.


Weronika Szafraniec