There is a lot of racism in US universities

Racism Debate in the USA : Elite Princeton University renames institute

As a result of the recent debate about racism in the US, the elite Princeton University has renamed its Politics Institute, previously named after former US President Woodrow Wilson. "Wilson's racism was significant and momentous, even by the standards of its era," said University President Christopher Eisgruber on Saturday. Princeton did not honor Wilson, who was president from 1913 to 1921, for his racism, but did not let it deter him, he said.

“But that's ultimately the problem. Princeton is part of an America that too often disregarded, ignored or apologized for racism, ”wrote Eisgruber. This has allowed "systems that discriminate against blacks to continue," he said.

The decision to rename was made on Friday by the university's supervisory board on his recommendation. The institute will in future be called the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.

In 2016, the committee refused to rename it despite protests from students. The death of George Floyd in a brutal police operation triggered a new critical discussion of the issue of racism, said Eisgruber.

Since Floyd's death a good month ago and the subsequent mass protests against police violence and racism, many institutions and companies in the USA have already initiated renaming.

In the southern state of Mississippi, MPs debated changing the state's flag, which has been in effect since 1894, because it is reminiscent of the former slave owners of the south, the Confederates. Governor Tate Reeves said Saturday he would sign the bill if MPs voted for a change. (dpa)

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