What is Honduras famous for

Holidays in Honduras: rainforest and Caribbean dreams

General information and tips

The Republic of Honduras with its capital Tegucigalpa is located in Central America. Around 8.9 million people live on the 112,090 square kilometer national territory between Nicaragua, Venezuela and El Salvador. The national currency is the Lempira; you communicate in Spanish. Honduras borders the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. The time in Germany is eight hours ahead of Honduras. With its spectacular coral reefs and large rainforest areas, Honduras has fascinating, diverse landscapes.

To get to Honduras, you fly to the international airports in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. These can only be reached from Europe with a stopover in the USA. Within the country there is another important airport with La Ceiba, which maintains connections to the Caribbean islands. Rail traffic no longer exists in Honduras; You can reach your respective destinations with the intercity bus.

Our pirate tip: Honduras is a popular cruise destination. So you can also go by ship; The destination port is usually the island of Roatán.

Entry information

In Honduras you can get by with a passport that must be valid for six months. As a tourist you do not need a visa; At the airport you will get a 90-day residence permit.

Weather, climate & best travel time for Honduras

Honduras has a tropical climate. The mean annual temperature in the lowlands is 26 degrees, on the Pacific coast 31 degrees. The average temperature at high altitudes is 20 degrees. June to September is hurricane season, which mainly affects the coasts.

Where should you vacation in Honduras?

On an active holiday, nature lovers get their money's worth while exploring the rainforest and wildlife. Action is offered by rafting tours or diving excursions into the underwater world. Important tourist destinations are:

  • Tegucigalpa: In the capital, culturally interested vacationers will find many interesting buildings.

  • Islas de la Bahía: The islands of Roatán, Útila and Guanaja are particularly attractive for bathers and snorkel divers.

  • Tela: This popular seaside resort with a wonderful bay offers a relaxed beach holiday.

Popular sights

You shouldn't miss the following highlights in Honduras:

  • Trujillo: A historically significant place - this is where Columbus set foot on the American mainland.

  • Mayan city of Copan: The temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nearby, the small town of Santa Rosa de Copán invites you to stroll.

  • Basílica de Suyapa: The magnificent basilica in Tegucigalpa is just one of the many sacred buildings in the capital that are well worth seeing.

  • Christ of Picacho: The 20 meter high statue is a landmark of Tegucigalpa.

Culture of the country

Honduras is influenced by spanish and at the same time an ethnological melting pot of different ethnic and settler groups. There is a strong gap between urban and rural populations or between wealthy and poorer sections of the population. Catholicism occupies an important position.

Popular accommodations in the country

The hotel situation in Honduras is divided into accommodations that, according to European standards, are mostly simple but inexpensive, and upscale, high-priced hotels for an international audience. A middle price segment is missing.

Do you want to experience Central American culture and natural beauties up close? During your vacation in Honduras, discover the country and its people!

What do I have to do in Honduras?

1. Visit the largest jungle in Central America

Yes, you read that right, Honduras and not Costa Rica has it largest jungle in Central America. We don't have to explain to you that a hike here is a must during your Honduras trip. One tip but then we have for you: White water rafting in the Rio Cangrejal between the national parks Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios. It will be an unforgettable experience and certainly one of the highlights of your vacation, we promise!

2. Go diving in the second largest reef in the world

If you haven't already been to Belize on vacation, you certainly haven't been to Belize Barrier Reef. Fortunately, this extends to the north coast of Honduras and so you also have the opportunity to marvel at the second largest reef in the world and even dive there.

3. Visit the islands of Roatan and Utila

It's best to go to the Islands of Roatan and Utila Dive again immediately, because these are considered to be the Diving spots Honduras and for that reason alone are worth a visit. But the excursion is also worthwhile because you can get diving licenses here at particularly low prices. Apart from that, the islands are simply an absolute dream and are in no way inferior to the Caribbean islands!

4. Follow in the footsteps of the Mayans

Be sure to visit the National Park "Cerro Celaque", because in addition to pumas, ocelots and coatis you can also find an impressive one here Mayan site Find. The ruins of Copan is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also get the here "Cerro Las Minas", which is the highest mountain in Honduras at just under 2,850 meters.

5. Sightseeing in Tegucigalpa

Also the Capital Tegucigalpa you should have seen it. Here you have the opportunity to learn more about Honduran history in one of the numerous museums. We can particularly recommend this to you National Museum Villa Roy, the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Suyapa and the Picacho Hill with the Christ Monument.

6. Eat! Eat! Eat!

Maybe you can't imagine much about the cuisine of Honduras, but we promise you will get your culinary expenses! You should definitely not miss yourselves Baleadas (a type of Honduran tortillas filled with avocado, egg, chicken and / or beef), Coconut shrimps (Shrimps in a typical Honduran coconut coating), Plantain chips and for all the sweet ones among you: Pan de coco (Coconut bread), Tableta de coco (Coconut cookies) and of course fruits such as tam bark, mango or papaya. Especially in the north you will also find extremely tasty and cheap fish and seafood. Therefore, in addition to the classics such as crabs, lobsters, lobsters and squids, you should also try them Sopa de Caracol (Sea snail soup) and Ceviche (a minced fish cocktail, with or without seafood, served in lime).

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