What are the requirements for a SEZ unit


Against the background of more and more organized and conspiratorial criminals in the area of ​​responsibility of customs, surveillance became increasingly important at the end of the 1980s. In the course of this development, the customs observation units (OEZ) were set up at the customs investigation offices.

The customs surveillance units have the task of observing suspicious persons from the field of medium, serious and organized crime and arresting them if necessary. In addition, these are also used for reconnaissance, protection and security measures. The OEZ can be compared to the mobile task forces of the police forces of the federal states (MEK).

Technical task forces (TEG) are also set up at each OEZ. They are responsible for the complex support technology for the ongoing operational measures, such as location, night vision, thermal imaging, video and audio technology.

The suitability for use in the OEZ is determined in a one-week selection process. It consists of a medical examination, a sporting or practical and psychological test as well as a presentation to a selection committee.

Subsequently, the personnel at the OEZ receive further qualifications in order to work, among other things, as an emergency trainer for sport or shooting, paramedic, driver safety trainer, emergency technician and much more besides their observation work.