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In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, Thai Airways offers its passengers the option of traveling from any train station in Germany to any Thai Airways departure location (Frankfurt and Munich).

In order to book the Rail & Fly ticket, you have to include it when you query the flight booking by clickingfrom the point of departure 'Rail & Fly all German train stations (QYG)' search. Please note that the flight selection list for your outward and return flight shows both connections via Frankfurt (TG921 / TG923 and TG920 / TG922) and via Munich (TG925 and TG924). Please select a connection via the airport you want. For the multi-city flight query, QYG must also be entered as the destination! The train ticket is then included in the price of the flight.

Important information

The travel times specified when booking do not correspond to the actual travel times. Please visit for information about the appropriate connections and travel times on your travel days.

Rail & Fly can no longer be added to an online booking that has already been made.
Please also note that with existing Rail & Fly bookings, excess baggage cannot be booked online via "Manage booking".

Rail & Fly ticket as a mobile ticket

Rail & Fly travelers can conveniently call up their ticket as a mobile ticket at Then save it on a mobile device. During the ticket inspection, you open the ticket with a mobile device so that the DB employee can scan the barcode.


Print out your Rail & Fly ticket at home via the Internet

Go to the website www.rail-checkin.comon. Enter your name and flight booking code or flight ticket number, call up your ticket using the link sent and print it out yourself.

With this variant, you do not need the pick-up number you received. The Rail & Fly ticket must be printed out before you start your journey.

If you have lost your ticket, you can print it out again online without any problems.

Please note that the ticket cannot be printed out 72 hours before departure at the earliest.


Select rail connections

For technical reasons, fictitious train numbers, a fictitious departure point and fictitious departure and arrival times for the train segment are given on your travel plan. These times are invalid, so you must find out about the relevant rail connections before you start your journey at a DB travel center or at

Please pay attention to which airport (Frankfurt or Munich) you are departing from or where you will be arriving again. When planning your trip, keep in mind that the departure and arrival airports can be different when choosing Rail & Fly.

In the list below you will find an overview of the train connections that you can use to get to our departure airports.

Train connections to / from the airport


from / to the train station

Connections to the airport

Frankfurt / M.

Frankfurt / M. Airport

Direct ICE / IC connection
S-Bahn lines S8 and S9


Munich airport

S-Bahn lines S1 and S8

Please make sure you arrive at the airport on time. Pay attention to the check-in times of Thai Airways at the respective airport and choose your connecting train so that youat least 2 hours Arrive at Thai Airways check-in counter before closing. Please also allow enough time after arrival at the airport, as there may be waiting times for entry and baggage claim. Here you should too at least 2 hours Allow for a change after the planned arrival time.

Please also take into account that your train could be delayed. As a passenger, you are responsible for arriving at the airport on time so that there is enough time to check in.

Thai Airways assumes no liability for the failure to reach a flight due to delayed trains.

More information is available here.