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Death in Greenland - Researcher Konrad Steffen fell into a crevasse

  • Konrad Steffen, Director of the Federal Research Institute for Forests, Snow and Landscape (WSL) fell into a crevasse filled with water, reports the WSL.
  • Politicians and institutions are dismayed by Steffen's death.

The Greenland police officially declared 68-year-old Steffen dead, the WSL media office said at the request of the Keystone-SDA news agency.

The body has not yet been found. The glaciologist Steffen was in Greenland in the Swiss Camp, a network of weather stations.

Respected glacier expert

The 68-year-old atmospheric and glacier researcher Konrad Steffen, Link opens in a new window, was, in addition to his work at WSL, director of the Swiss Polar Institute and professor at the ETH Zurich and the ETH Lausanne.

Steffen has been director of the research institute since 2012. He was elected by the Federal Council beyond his retirement until the end of June 2021. Until further notice, WSL's business will be managed by the deputy director, Christoph Hegg.

In Konrad Steffen, the ETH Domain is losing an extremely renowned researcher and a unique, generous and committed person, the ETH Board announced in an initial statement. He was a pioneer in researching climate change and regularly spent research in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Great dismay

Many politicians and institutions such as ETH Zurich expressed their dismay and sadness on the Internet.

Very very sad. Konrad Steffen, a good friend and scientist, director of the WSL, is dead. In his beloved Greenland he had a fatal accident just 100 m from his camp. Prob. a snow bridge has subsided under him., link opens in a new window, link opens in a new window

- Kathy Riklin, Zurich (@KathyRiklin) August 10, 2020, link opens in a new window

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