How much English is spoken in Portugal

Language in Portugal

The official and official language in Portugal is Portuguese. Vacationers in Portugal can also communicate in French, but English is less spoken. A language course can come in handy here.

History of the language and use in the country

Portuguese is assigned to the Romance language, which in turn is part of the Indo-European language. The roots of the Portuguese language go back to Vulgar Latin, which originated in Galicia (Spain) and was spoken by the Roman population and soldiers. Portuguese is considered a world language and is second only to Spanish among the Romance languages ​​that are most widely spoken in the world. Portuguese is also the official language in Brazil. However, Spanish and Portuguese are two different things, which is why holidaymakers with Spanish in Portugal are often unsuccessful. French is the preferred foreign language in the country, in the big cities and popular holiday areas, especially in international hotels, English is also often spoken.

The language in Portugal shows itself with different dialects, which are determined according to the respective region of the country. The sound system is characterized by nasal vowels, which are also taken into account in the written form.

Portuguese for vacationers?

Knowledge of English and French should be available when traveling to Portugal, so that communication usually works in the popular holiday regions. Language courses before the trip are recommended, but not necessarily a must. Language trips to Portugal bring the language in Portugal closer in a practice-oriented way, holidays and education can be harmoniously combined.

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