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Fiji Hindi (English Fiji Hindi), also known as Fijian Hindi or Fijian Hindustani, is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by many citizens of the South Sea state of Fiji who are of Indian descent. Fiji-Hindi (also "Fiji Talk") is a variant of Hindi and Urdu and is the official language of the Republic of Fiji.


Fiji Hindi is mainly derived from the Awadhi and Bhojpuri languages ​​or dialects of Hindi and also includes words from other Indian languages. Fiji Hindi has also borrowed a large number of words from Fiji and English. The relationship between Fiji Hindi and Hindustani is similar to the relationship between Afrikaans and the Dutch language. What is unique about Fiji Hindi is that a large number of words were created to adapt to the new environment. First generation Fiji Indians use the language that too Fiji Baat is referred to as the lingua franca.

Recent research by linguists has confirmed that Fiji Hindi is a dialect that, although based on Hindi, unlike Hindi in India, has its very own grammar and vocabulary that is suitable for Fiji.


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