What's the best dessert from Kenya

1.Remove the outer shell from the pistachios. Those who have bought cores are of course at an advantage. If possible, also remove the inner thin, dark shell so that the green seeds become visible. The esthete briefly scalds the kernels with boiling water so that the skin can be peeled off more easily.

2.The neck ice cream is now placed in a suitable pan and roasted without oil for about 10 minutes over medium heat. If a delicious smell has spread in the kitchen - be careful! Might attract a sweet tooth! - you are correct, because now the aromas come into their own thanks to the double roasting.

3.Now the pistachio kernels are put into the food processor (chopper, moulinette or whatever you like to say) and mercilessly chopped into small pieces.

4.Then we add the cream, milk, corn flour and cane sugar, mix everything vigorously and put the contents in a saucepan. After boiling it for the first time, stirring constantly with the whisk, we taste again to determine the amount of sugar according to our own taste.

5.Now the mass is cooked until it is properly thickened for dessert. Please keep stirring with the whisk, because it sets terribly quickly.

6.When the right consistency has been reached, previously prepared bowls or champagne bowls etc. are filled with the mixture and the surface is smoothed. Then the walnut kernel halves are placed on top and the open areas are sprinkled with the hazelnut brittle.

7.A calorie bomb that is second to none. But tasty. By the way: in Namibia this dessert is made with sweetened coffee cream and water (1 part coffee cream; three parts water). Is too cute for me.

Recipe from AchimB
from November 23, 2009