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8 bitter truths that can change your life for the better

We can't deny it! There are these facts in life that basically all of us know, but we are often only too happy to ignore them. Truths that play a crucial role in our entire life and in the way in which we perceive it.

Truths that are so important that they deeply influence all of our goals, our decisions & actions and even our thinking. Whether positive or negative, ultimately depends on how much we make these truths part of our reality and how we face them.

1. You will fail

We have all made mistakes that prevented us from achieving a goal or taking a step forward towards it. Even if it sounds a bit cheesy: Mistakes are human! On the other hand, there are also those moments in life when you couldn't seem to have done anything differently or better and which still end in defeat or failure.

Regardless of whether it is self-inflicted or not, failures and defeats are no less important for our personal development than the great triumphs and victories in our lives. Pain and setbacks are just as important as joy and happiness and allow us to grow as human beings if we are ready to accept them and to draw the important lessons for our lives from them.

Whether the failure hits you in sports, at work, in love or anywhere else and brings you to your knees, it is always about getting up more than others and maybe even yourself would trust you.

Important lesson: It's about learning from your own and the failures & mistakes of others, accepting them and making them a drive on the path to success. Because this - and that is only certain if you never lie down and keep fighting - will come too!

2. Only you yourself are responsible for your life

It is easy to point a finger at others or circumstances and claim that they are the reason why you cannot do something! Why you are not a good student, an attentive son, a loving partner or a valuable employee. Why your past and thus your life was not as you had imagined.

But at the very end, there will be nothing and nobody at whom or what you can point your finger. In the end, only you will be and the supposed reasons why you couldn't do something will only be yours!

You will realize that the life you lived and the mistakes you made were solely your life and your mistakes. You will see that you were in control but never used it!

Important lesson: Stop pointing your finger at others and circumstances if you make a mistake or if you really only doubt yourself and your abilities. Prove your responsibility and finally grow up! Take matters into your own hands and don't wait for someone to do the work and problems for you.

3. You will not live forever

Tell me, are you grateful for every new day that you have in your life? And do you really appreciate it? Or do you often feel like me and in your head the impression arises that the days in our life will never end - that there will always be a tomorrow?

The bitter truth, however, is that this impression is nothing more than a pipe dream, which can even have fatal effects on our motivation and ambition. Believing that there will always be a tomorrow makes us automatically believe that we will always have another chance to pursue our goals & dreams and to realize them.

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The only catch is that you could be dead tomorrow and your dreams & goals will die with you! Even if this idea may seem far away and surreal to you at the moment, the day will come sooner or later when your time here on earth is up. And I hope for you that you will not take your goals, your dreams and your love with you to the grave on this day!

Important lesson: start living now! Because you never know what to expect around the next corner. A heart attack, a car accident, even the end of the world is possible! Follow your dreams and let the people you care about know that you love them.

4. People will not like you or what you do

It doesn't matter who you are and what you do, there will always be people who don't like you or what you do - maybe even hate it! Whether it's a superstar, a firefighter or just the “normal guy next door”. Nobody is spared from the resentment of others!

I think even with Mother Teresa there were people who disliked what this woman did or what she stood up for. There are several reasons why people not only disagree, but try to let you know. Reasons like envy, fear or belief.

The key question here, however, is whether this is stopping you from doing what you always wanted to do? Does it keep you from pursuing your goals & dreams? Because believe me, the fear of what others will think of you or say about you is one of the greatest killers of dreams that exist. If this fear still plagues and slows you down at the moment, be sure to watch this video from me: How to stop worrying about what others think.

Important lesson: Not everyone will love you or what you do, and that's perfectly fine. Whatever problem these people have with you is their problem and not yours. Pay your attention to those who motivate you and make you grow and ignore those who criticize you for no reason!

5. You are still a long way from learning

Just between us, how much time do you take every day to develop yourself and your knowledge? To read books, listen to podcasts & interviews or watch informative videos & broadcasts? (And no, the so-called "knowledge documentaries" on afternoon TV are not included!)

Do you even take time to learn & develop? To get better! Or do you think that the knowledge that you have been taught in your school career or during your studies is enough?

"To learn means to grow!"

Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to gain access to the entire knowledge of the world and yet only very few actually use this medium wisely. To believe that one has already “learned enough” is naive and reflects the lack of willingness to use one's full potential.

Learning to read, write and do arithmetic is only the tip of the iceberg, and studying specialist literature as part of a course is not the point. It is much more important that you make the decision for yourself to pursue a never-ending self-study in which you continuously teach yourself new knowledge and new skills. Be it, for example, on the subject of time management methods & productivity, habits, psychology, flirting or learning to communicate more effectively, strengthening the subconscious or self-confidence.

Important lesson: It would take hundreds of lives to learn all the information and knowledge of this world. But let's start here today and challenge ourselves to learn as much as we can in this one life.

6. Someone else will always have more than you

Whether in terms of money, friends, partners or customers, there will always be someone who has more than you. And that wouldn't really be a problem if we humans didn't have the tendency to constantly imagine “what if?”. What if I had all the money he has? What if I was as happy with my partner as she is?

With these questions we try to emulate the ideals and goals that someone else has set for us just to “keep up”. In doing so, we forget to appreciate what we already have and begin to crave what others have.

Important lesson: Even if it is correct from time to time to take a look at those who are already further than you are and try to learn from them, you should still not live by the standards and expectations of others. Because just because they have more doesn't mean they are happier too!

7. Success & money won't make you happy

There is no question that success & money are two essential factors that drive our thoughts and actions and that are inextricably linked in our society. Whether you like it or not doesn't matter at first.

Many (certainly not all) who wish for “success” these days automatically long for “big money”. And there is basically nothing wrong with that and it is not reprehensible either. But whether it is also the highest goal in life is another question;).

Everyone and everyone who claims to want to forego success and money because other things are more important to them in life - for example relationships - it is not uncommon for them to simply lack confidence and trust in themselves. Because you should have understood that One in no way excludes the other!

Success gives our life more meaning! Not because we impress others with it or people who have a lot of money are more valuable, but because as success grows (no matter what it may look like for you) we automatically begin to appreciate ourselves more and on top of that, a HEALTHY pursuit of success ensures that we get the best out of ourselves and our abilities. We realize our potential! So, when properly viewed & used, success is an extremely powerful tool for personal growth.

The money on the other hand offers us security and the chance to enjoy all the beautiful things in this world -

8. The problems will never go away

You probably know those days when you have the feeling that a heavy burden is on you and threatens to overwhelm you. Days when all the problems in life seem to haunt you at once and when the world is like a dark & ​​depressive place.

On these days you would just like to hide yourself somewhere and hope that the problems will go away on their own. But that - and that's a good thing - will not happen!

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Problems are a part of life and without them we couldn't grow. Problems make us stronger, make us smarter, make us better! Hoping that all the problems will vanish into thin air and not come back is like not confronting the hero in the action film with a villain. It robs you of all the tension!

Important lesson: Even when times are tough and the problems threaten to overwhelm you, you should never forget that every problem & every hurdle is also an opportunity to take a step forward. It is not about trying to banish the problems from his life, it is about accepting them, solving them one by one and growing with them.

Take these 8 simple, but still incredibly important ideas with you into your everyday life. In your daily consciousness. Carry them with you every day somewhere in your mind and heart, from where they will help you to better direct & make the important decisions of your life.

Because one thing is clear: however bitter these truths may be, they all have the potential to change our lives for the better.

Use your potential
Alex Bellon

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