Can a woman really rape a man?

Information about rape

Rape: what is it?

Rape is a particularly bad form

of sexual violence.

Rape is the intrusion into the body of

of a woman against the will of the woman.

Penetration means:

To force something into the woman's body:

the penis

the finger

or an object.

This penetration can be into the vagina.

Or in the buttocks.

Or in your mouth.

Rape is a grave injury to any woman.

Another person uses force to impose the will on the woman.

How does a woman experience the act?

Most women feel disgusted when they are raped

and very bad fear.

In such a dire situation there is no real one

or wrong behavior.

The women are often scared of death.

Some women are then very stiff and quiet.

They wait until it's over.

Other women fight back.

Physically and with words.

Still other women pretend to participate.

So that nothing worse happens to them.

The ad

Should I report?

The decision is difficult for all women:

Should they report the perpetrator of a rape?

Then the perpetrator may be punished.

Then there is nothing he can do to other women.

But it is also very difficult for the woman to report it.

She may be afraid of the trial.

When she has to tell strangers about the rape.

She may also be afraid of the perpetrator.

The decision must always be left to the woman.

Only she can decide: Dare to do it.

Help and advice

Good advice can help you make a decision.

You can come to us.

We advise you.

We explain to you what happens when an advertisement is submitted.

And what happens in court proceedings.

We also come to the police or to investigations.

The lawyer

Any woman who is raped is allowed to get one

Find a lawyer.

The state pays the money for the lawyer.

The lawyer supports the woman in the process.

And during the talks with the police.

This is how the display works

You go to the police.

There you have to make a statement.

You have to tell exactly what happened.

Maybe you don't want to talk to a guy about it.

Then you can say that.

You can make the statement on a woman. With a policewoman.

You can take a lawyer with you.

The lawyer can assist you with the complaint.

You can also take someone you trust with you.

For example a friend or a counselor.

The police write down exactly what you say.

You will receive a log after the notification.

The log is what the police wrote down.

You need to read the log very carefully.

Or have them read aloud.

Maybe the police wrote something wrong.

Then you have to say it.

Then the policewoman corrects the protocol.

The medical examination

Be sure to get examined after a rape.

Maybe you have injuries.

The doctor will treat your injuries.

However, the medical examination is also important as evidence.

If you want to report the perpetrator.

You may find it difficult to see a doctor.

But you can bring someone you trust.

For example a friend or a counselor.

Doctors have a duty of confidentiality.

That means: the doctor is not allowed to pass on anything.

You decide: what to do with the evidence.

Maybe you want to report the perpetrator.

Then the medical examination is very important.

The investigation is then evidence.

You have to tell exactly:

How did the rape happen?

The doctor must write down all injuries in detail.

Even very minor injuries.

The doctor must adhere to precise rules for the examination.

So that the investigation really counts as evidence.

The doctors at the women's clinic know the rules.

The address of the gynecological clinic in Stuttgart is:

Stuttgart Clinic - Bad Cannstatt Hospital

PrieĂźnitzweg 24

70374 Stuttgart

Maybe you did after the rape

Fear of pregnancy.

Then there is the morning-after pill.

The morning-after pill prevents you from becoming pregnant.

But you need to take the morning-after pill as soon as possible.

No later than 2 to 3 days after the rape.

There is also the spiral afterwards.

It will also help you avoid getting pregnant.

The IUD after that can last up to 5 days after the

Rape can be used.

The earliest you can do this is 2 weeks after the rape

take a pregnancy test.

You can have an abortion if you are pregnant.

You don't have to have the child

if it comes from rape.

This goes on until the 3rd month of pregnancy.

The health insurance company pays for the abortion.

During the medical examination, you should also have:

Did you contract an illness while being raped?

Prejudice and lies about rape

In the case of rape, the woman is often blamed.

There are many prejudices and lies about rape.

This is particularly bad.

Because then many women do not dare to report the rape.

And the perpetrators are encouraged. Because they don't get a penalty.

We wrote down some prejudices and lies.

Prejudice: "Only young and pretty women are raped.

Or women who wear tight and short skirts. "

That's not true!

Any girl or woman can be raped.

No matter how old she is.

No matter what she looks like.

No matter what the woman is wearing.

No matter if she comes from Germany.

Or from another country.

Prejudice: "If a woman has really been raped,

then you can see it in her. She is very excited and immediately tells about it. "

That's not true!

Every woman behaves differently after being raped.

Some are desperate and excited.

Other women look very calm.

Still other women are angry.

There is no right behavior after a rape.

Few women talk about rape.

Most women are ashamed and afraid.

That's why they don't tell anyone what happened.

Prejudice: "A lot of women just make up rape.

Because they want to harm men. "

That's not true!

The police say:

There are very few false reports of rape.

Often it is the opposite:

The women do not report rape.

Because they're scared. And because they are ashamed.

If the woman knows the perpetrator well, she almost never reports him.

Prejudice: "Rapes mostly happen at night in the park

or on dark streets. The perpetrators are mostly strange men. "

That's not true!

Most rape occurs in the family.

Or through acquaintances.

The perpetrator is often the husband or the boyfriend.

Or someone in the family.

Or someone else the woman knows well.

Rape can happen at any time.

Often the rape is planned beforehand.

Prejudice: "The perpetrators are often sick or disturbed."

That's not true!

Most rape perpetrators are normal men.

Often the men want to show when they are raped:

I am strong.

I decide on the woman.

I can hurt the woman if I want to.

Prejudice: "Women are often to blame for it."

That's not true!

Everyone has the right to say no.

No matter where. Does not matter when.

Even if the woman first kissed the perpetrator.

Or if she's had sex with him before.

She can always say no.

In the case of rape, this right is not taken seriously.

The man hurts the woman.

He alone is to blame.