How do you study entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can also be studied in Karlsruhe!

The creative market is booming. More and more people want to show the world their innovative ideas and be successful with them. But the first steps towards becoming an entrepreneur are not that easy. On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences kicked off a new initiative to strengthen the start-up culture with the event "Start up Stories - are you still studying or are you already setting up a business?" Not too long ago, various universities have also been offering the "Entrepreneurship" course. The course is intended to arouse awareness and the desire to be entrepreneurial and is therefore aimed exclusively at successors, founders and entrepreneurs. The focus here is on the qualification for the entrepreneurial and shareholder function and should achieve the development of the entrepreneurial personality of the participants. At first glance it seems that the opportunities to study entrepreneurship are limited, but these universities in Karlsruhe already offer the course:

KIT: The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has what is known as a "founders forge" and, in addition to advice, access to premises and further training, offers its own innovation fund with a total volume of around € 1 million.

DHBW: The Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University offers an entrepreneurship course that focuses primarily on preparation in all areas of independent and responsible work. This includes, for example, setting up your own company or joining a franchise structure. The course has been specially designed for entrepreneurs in small or medium-sized companies in order to support them in their careers.