Interesting facts about Piura Peru

Surprising Lima - facts and curiosities

We cannot deny that we are completely enthusiastic about Peru - otherwise we would not have launched this site in the first place. That us the Capital Lima especially fascinated, shouldn't surprise you either, because here we are dealing with a really enchanting coastal pearl. The colonial city center in combination with the hustle and bustle on the streets and the wonderful blue Pacific invite you to enjoy and be amazed. And then there are the following exciting facts, which we do not want to withhold from you:

A market full of copied books

Lima is one of the largest cities in South America, so it's no wonder that it holds so many (open) secrets. As a first example, we would like to mention the gigantic Amazon book market that takes place in Jirón Amazonas Centro. About 80% of the fonts offered here are self-made copies, and nobody cares. Many Peruvians simply do not have enough money to buy original books, which is why this inexhaustible market arose. There has even been one on this topic an Arte report, which provides information about the origin of the variety of goods offered.

Fog time and drizzle

Lima, that sounds like sun, beach, sea! And yes, the beach and the sea are available all year round, but unfortunately the sun goes almost completely from April to October. Because in these months foggy time and drizzle are the order of the day, from a meteorological point of view this is winter. The temperatures hardly exceed 15 degrees and the surroundings seem surprisingly dreary. However, it is thanks to the general humidity that the coastline and hinterland are always presented in bright green, even without any artificial irrigation. The lush vegetation only really comes into its own in summer, when Lima appears almost like a paradise on earth.

The South American Las Vegas

Peruvians love exciting games of all kinds, which is why there are around 24 large casinos in Lima. Their guests visibly prefer the poker table above all! In almost all casinos there are poker rooms that are always well attended. Lima is also no longer an insider tip for international companies in the industry. The poker company PokerStars, for example, recognized the potential that lies hidden in this city and held one here several times Stop the Latin America Poker Tour from. 366 talented card players recently put $ 2,500 each on the table in order to get the largest possible share of the gigantic prize pool of $ 800,000. But such superlative events are only a fraction of the rest of the poker action, as hundreds of games are played every day in the on-site casinos: a perfect opportunity to experience real cultural exchange and real stories.

A bright yellow soft drink

Inca Kola has been the hip fashion drink in Lima and all of Peru for many years. It has a bright yellow color and tastes extremely sweet, something like a mixture of Hubba Bubba and gummy bears. But when cooled, it is simply addicting! Hardly any tourist can avoid trying the soft drink at least once, shaking it and ordering a glass or can the next time. Coca Cola has already reached out to its competitor, but 51% of the shares are still in Peruvian ownership. And it should stay that way. PS: Whoever is in the mood for Inca Kola will find it here.

Colorful market activity as a culture boost

This point may not sound particularly surprising, but it shows Lima from its original, traditional side: the city has several different marketsthat invite you to get to know the exotic culture better and to buy the most beautiful souvenirs. At the Inca market you have the opportunity to admire Peruvian handicrafts, buy exotic jewelry and buy brightly colored textiles. At the Gamarra market you dress up in Peruvian style from head to toe, while you get delicious local food at the Surquillo market. In comparison, the Mercado Central looks really modern, it extends over several floors and offers a wide range of goods.

Warning: trap for vegetarians!

Vegetarian dish with chicken

If you order a dish “without meat” in Lima, you can definitely get a good portion of poultry. This is because chicken and Co. in Peru are not meat, but are, well, poultry. If you want to be on the safe side, it is best to state that you do not want to eat any animals. Hopefully only plant-based products will end up on the plate. Chicken, however, is one of the most popular ingredients in Peru's fabulously delicious cuisine; Thousands of different dishes entwine around the chicken. Meat eaters shouldn't miss these delicacies, but vegetarians will also get their money's worth with the numerous exotic spices from Peru and its fresh vegetables.

Millennia of history

When the Spaniards landed in Peru, there was already a relatively dense settlement area where the city of Lima is located today. The ancient cultures naturally left their traces, mostly below the ground. In the capital alone, archaeologists have discovered more than 350 ceremonial tombs so far. Last came four more than 1000 years old pyramid tombs which can be assigned to the Ichma culture. There is no doubt that modern city life takes place on deeply historical ground! This thought certainly gives the Peru vacation a special charm, because most tourists love both the mysterious past of the country and the dynamic present.

Varied and full of surprises: this is how a vacation in Lima could be summed up perfectly. If you are adventurous and like something special, you will certainly experience a wonderful time and have a lot to tell when you return.