What are the best countries for expats

The best and worst expat countries in 2018 according to Expat-Insider

Little Bahrain once again made it to the top of the Expat-Insider Expatriate ranking, followed by Taiwan and Ecuador. Because of the good working conditions, emigrants come to these countries, which are among the top 5 destinations for job opportunities and satisfaction. India, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, on the other hand, are considered to be the worst expat countries in the world, especially due to the poor quality of life and working conditions. If you look at the biggest winners and losers, Panama, Israel, Australia and Ecuador make a huge climb, while Sweden, Romania, Hong Kong and Switzerland go downhill like them Expat Insider Study 2018 shows. With almost 18,000 respondents living and working abroad, the annual survey carried out by InterNations is one of the most extensive of all. InterNations is the largest expat community in the world. In addition to a detailed study of life abroad, the study also includes a ranking of 68 countries, which includes various factors such as quality of life, working abroad and the ease of settling in in the host country.

8 of the 10 countries at the top of the Expat insider Rankings for 2018 were already among the top 10 destinations in the previous year. New Zealand fell from 6th to 11th place just barely out of the top ranking, while Malta slipped from 7th place in 2017 to 20th place this year. The two countries were replaced in 10th place (out of 11) by the Czech Republic and in 3rd place (out of 25) by Ecuador. In addition to Ecuador, there are three other Latin American countries in the top 10, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia, as well as two Asian tiger states, Taiwan and Singapore.

Bahrain, the surprise winner from last year, is defending its top spot due to excellent results in the categories “Working abroad” and “Ease of acclimatization”, where the country takes first place. Seven out of ten expats in Bahrain are happy with their career opportunities (70% versus 55% globally) and 81% find it easy to settle in the country (59% globally). "I don't feel like an expat in Bahrain"says an Indian, "I feel at home here".

Expatriates in Taiwan (2nd place) enjoy a good working life: Nowhere in the world should job security be as high as here (76% positive ratings compared to 59% worldwide). Taiwan is also considered a leader in terms of quality of life: almost all expats are satisfied with the costs (96%) and the quality of medical care (92%) as well as personal safety (98%).

Ecuador (3rd place) is also one of the biggest winners of this year overall compared to last year's placement (25th place). The country improved particularly in the “Working abroad” category (from 51st to 11th). While in 2017 not even half of all expats living there were satisfied with their career opportunities, this year it is 69%.

Mexico (3rd place) is considered to be the most friendly country in which expats are received: 90% rate the attitude of Mexicans towards foreign fellow citizens as friendly, which is 24% more than the global average of 66%. "I feel really welcome in this culture"says an American. Perhaps that's why expats living in Mexico are the happiest in the world (92% versus 76%).

Singapore (5th place) is in the top 10 for the second year in a row because of its good quality of life. In particular, the online availability of public services (93% compared to 55% worldwide) and high-speed internet connections in private households (95% compared to 75%) worldwide) inspire expats. In addition, almost all expats feel safe there with 98% compared to only 48% on the global average, 88% compared to 48% worldwide extremely for sure.

Portugal (6th place) has a high quality of life (2nd place) and it is easy to settle in there (5th place). In fact, 28% of all expats living there in Portugal were looking for a better life (10% worldwide) and 83% (59% worldwide) find it easy to get there. More than a third (34%) even get used to it very easy; the global average is only 20%.

Also of life in Costa Rica (7th place) you obviously get used to it quickly: 83% of all expats in the country have no problems settling in (59% worldwide) and 81% feel at home there (64% worldwide). "The people are relaxed and friendly"says an American expat. Costa Rica's placement among the 15 best in the “Quality of Life” category makes it clear why so many come to the country for this (38%).

Just as for Costa Rica and Portugal is also for moving to Spain (8th place) the better quality of life was the most frequently cited reason (31% versus 10% worldwide). Almost every expat in Spain is happy with the weather (96% versus 61% worldwide) and more than four in five are also satisfied with the quality of the environment (81% versus 69% worldwide).

Like the other Latin American countries in the top 10, Colombia (9th place) received good marks for settling in: 79% compared to 62% worldwide find it easy to get used to the local culture. It is also considered the best country in the world for “personal finance”. More than four in five expats are satisfied with their financial situation (84% compared to 67% worldwide) and around a third could not be more satisfied with it (34% compared to 19% worldwide).

Czech Republic (10th place) scores particularly well in the “Working abroad” category. More than three quarters (77% versus 65% worldwide) are overall satisfied with their job. One expat from Portugal particularly praised the "Job opportunities and economic stability. “More than four out of five expats (84%) rate the economic situation positively, compared to only 64% worldwide.