What do the Irish think of the Germans

How do Irish and Germans perceive the other country? Against the backdrop of the euro crisis, the Irish Times investigated the relationship between the two countries in August. When asked "What comes to mind first when you think of Ireland?", 60 percent of the Germans surveyed said beautiful landscape and nature. 20 percent fell Pubs and alcohol one, while 11 percent thought of agriculture, livestock, bad weather, tourism, and Kerrygold butter. Irish music and Irish dance came to mind 7 percent of respondents. The same percentage named friendly people, beautiful old castles and small villages.

The survey also showed that only 9 percent of the Germans surveyed had actually visited Ireland. The predominant image of a beautiful, predominantly green landscape is primarily due to the advertising industry (just think of the Kerrygold advertising). After all, 11 percent of those surveyed said they would like to visit Ireland in the next two years.

It was a little different with the Irish

42 percent of those surveyed stated that they knew Germany from personal experience.

When asked "What comes first to your mind when you think of Germany?", 22 percent fell first hard work and efficiency a. 14 percent thought Beer and festivals, closely followed by 13 percent who Tourism and a well-run economy have in mind. Angela Merkel remembered 11 percent. This shows the great influence of the Chancellor, which is also and above all perceived in the smaller member states of the EU. This is why Germany's leading role in European politics first came to mind for 7 percent.

In Germany, Ipsos MRBI carried out the survey on behalf of the "Irish Times". In both countries, 1,000 people were selected at random and interviewed by telephone.