How much does my stair conversion cost

Bathroom - stairs - renovation and attic expansion. - costs?


as always, you can't say that across the board.

1st bathroom:
The current space has to be removed, cables have to be pulled up, appropriate seals, tiles, objects as desired - you can easily end up at 20,000 EUR or more or less ...

2. The steps of the stairs are too narrow? That means?
- The steps are not deep enough for you? OK - new stairs. But if you only have a certain room available, that won't change much, then the steps overlap more. That doesn't bring much.
Wooden stairs, roughly estimated around 5,000 EUR (simple design (not self-made).

- The steps aren't wide enough? Then you would have to change the stair hole. Wooden ceiling or concrete ceiling? Relatively large effort (with a wooden ceiling: intercepting the beams, with a concrete ceiling: taking care with the reinforcement); Adjust the floor etc. plus new stairs. It depends on what you do yourself; but would definitely let a specialist run because of statics. Estimated around 10,000 EUR with stairs.

3. Stairs to the attic - another approx. 5,000 EUR. Does the stair hole already exist or is there just an extension ladder? Eventually Adjust the hole in the staircase, or you can make a samba staircase that is narrower - don't know what you want.

4. Top floor expansion: Complete expansion? Floors, walls, ceilings? Is there already floor insulation? Is the roof insulated? Depends on the size and the equipment requirements. Skylight? Believe? Bath?
You can't guess. Do you need more information?
I recently expanded a top floor, the roof was already insulated, only had to be clad inside, approx. 50 square meters, including bathroom, floor was available, only had to cover it, otherwise plasterboard cladding and corresponding materials (medium standard), no personal work : approx. 50,000 EUR

Let us make you a couple of offers!

Good luck!