Will CBD Oil Make You Sleepy?

10 tips for better sleep with CBD

Restful sleep - who doesn't want that? Even and especially in stressful and uncertain times, there is no substitute for it. Some people would even spend a really good night's sleep - but unfortunately it's not that simple. Sleeping pills are more likely to numb than let us sleep, and the same goes for alcohol. Counting sheep, on the other hand, is not effective enough for many ... And so the business with various miracle drugs that are supposed to provide quick and effective relief is still booming.

This also includes CBD. As a new or rediscovered herbal remedy, it should let us slide naturally and gently into the land of dreams.

Fall asleep better with CBD oil - sounds tempting. But what is it about the claim that CBD oil helps you fall asleep? And if there's something to it, how much CBD should I take to sleep? Is there an ideal CBD oil dosage for sleep disorders? And does it have to be sleep disorders at all or does CBD oil generally help you fall asleep?

First of all: From a scientific point of view, not as much can be said with certainty as one might think. And one thing is also clear: If you suffer from serious insomnia, this is no trivial matter - sleep is important! For all types of sleep. In this case, be sure to talk to your doctor about it.

So: restful sleep with CBD - myth, safe thing or something in between? We'll take a closer look at the topic here and also tell you how you can optimize your sleep behavior. We also dare to try a dosage recommendation for CBD oil for sleeping ... Let's go!

Tip 1: CBD to help you fall asleep?

We are actually actually talking about the classic opposite of sleep medication. Sleeping pills, in simple terms, knock you out. This can help with persistent insomnia, but it does not solve the root cause. Cannabinoids in connection with melatonin, however, can promote your sleep and at the same time help to reduce the "fear of not being able to sleep". A combination of different elements comes into play here.

As mentioned, the external cannabinoids help your body's own cannabinoid system to come back into harmony. This could help you sleep better and more restfully in the long term. CBD obtained from hemp, for example, also contains so-called terpenes. Put simply, they could provide additional calming and relaxation for your muscles, and also relieve mild anxiety. At the same time, they accelerate the effects of the actual cannabinoids. Would you like to learn more about CBD and terpenes? In our hemp wiki we answer the most important questions about terpenes for you: "What are terpenes? And what does that have to do with CBD?"

Which CBD oil for sleeping?

If you are "only" interested in finding out whether CBD makes you sleep better, you can test almost any CBD oil for sleep. We would advise you to use a broad-spectrum hemp extract, because that way you can benefit from the special herbal synergies of the The ingredients of the hemp plant are convincing. Simply select one of our CBD oils, use the recommendations and off you go.

Pro tip: Our liposomal hemp capsules are said to be particularly popular with sleep lovers!

There is also CBD oil for sleeping with other active ingredients such as melatonin and / or valerian. More on this below (CBD & melatonin - good combo for falling asleep and staying asleep?).

What does the CBD oil dosage look like then?

In this guide we have explained to you how you can optimize your sleep behavior and your sleep. Of course, you could expand the whole thing and use other CBD products from us. Especially when you don't feel like taking a bath every evening. But what is the right dosage of CBD oil? It differs from person to person. There are various CBD sleep studies that present the CBD sleep experiences of the test candidates.

But again very specifically:

Is there an ideal CBD oil dosage for sleep disorders?

In most cases, there are still no specific instructions on the dosage for various complaints - even though the topic of CBD oil and sleep is no longer new. Unfortunately, the same still applies to the topics of CBD for sleeping in general and the correct dosage of CBD oil for sleep disorders. But there is at least one kind of "crutch" you can use to help yourself here. In this case, it's a simple method that everyone can use to find their ideal dose in a very uncomplicated way: "Start low - go slow!". That means: start with little and gradually increase until the desired effect occurs.

Are you still too abstract? Then here exclusively for you: The CBD oil falling asleep dosage recommendations, here using the example5 percent CBD oil ... here you go!

Number of pumps
day 11-2
day 21-2
Day 31-2
Day 42-4
Day 52-4
Day 62-4

CBD & melatonin - good combo for falling asleep and staying asleep?

Melatonin helps you fall asleep faster. In this respect, it's not a bad approach. In connection with CBD it gets really interesting: because if you want to fall asleep, you usually want to sleep through the next morning. As already indicated above, research unfortunately does not yet allow any definitive statements as to whether this seemingly logical combination has been proven to lead to success.

But there are increasing numbers of tests and testimonials that suggest that it might work for at least some people.

With melatonin-containing CBD sprays, as with all other supplements, you should follow the dosage instructions. This varies depending on the product and content. The assumption that a lot helps a lot is completely wrong here. Ideally, the CBD oil is held under the tongue for one and a half to 2 minutes to fall asleep before the drops are swallowed. The hemp sleep spray, for example, should be taken 30 minutes before going to sleep. The recommended dosage of the CBD oil with melatonin is 4 pumps. Whether you actually want to tackle your sleep disorders or want to make your already good sleep EVEN better - the dosage remains the same for the time being.

To go one better, we now also have the hemp Sleep Spray Plus on offer - the proven formula with an extra portion of melatonin.

When does the CBD oil have to be taken to sleep?

How long it takes for a potential effect to occur can vary for each of us. The recommendation for our hemp sleep spray (see above) is that you should take it about 30 minutes before going to bed.

Orally ingested CBD can take up to two hours to reach its maximum concentration in your system. The first potential effects can occur after about 30 minutes. The ideal time between taking and trying to fall asleep is somewhere in between

Tip 2: Recognize sleep problems - the first step to optimize sleep

Before we get into the topic and give you our tips on how you could ensure better sleep by adapting your evening rituals and CBD, we have to address an important aspect: We differentiate between classic sleep problems and so-called sleep disorders. Sleep problems usually arise from stress, worries, excessive demands or simply an unhealthy lifestyle. Doctors speak of a sleep disorder when you regularly wake up at night and cannot go back to sleep. Or generally find no rest at all and falling asleep becomes an ordeal.

In that case, you are wrong in our guide. Then your way leads you to your family doctor. With this we solve the first false assumption: Yes, it would be possible to fight sleep problems with CBD. If the cause of the lack of sleep lies in medical problems such as coping with trauma or mental illness, this problem must first be eliminated before sleep optimization can take place.

Tip 3: Let aids support you

The final ritual before bed would be great if you can find something that really relaxes you. You can definitely use aids here. No alcohol or other things that make you tired, but at the same time prevent a restful sleep. Or thanks to which you wake up completely exhausted in the morning. In the cold season, for example, a warm bath works really well. Here you should ensure a suitable setting.

I don't have to explain this to our female readers, the men's world is paying attention for a moment: If you want to relax in a warm bathtub, furnish your bathroom accordingly. It's just about making you feel good about it. For bathing pleasure itself, you can throw our Vaay bath ball into the tub. The contained CBD and terpenes could then additionally support you in switching off for good.

Tip 4: Classic sleeping pills and the like are a no-go!

If sleep problems arise, for example due to stress, many people nowadays resort to classic sleeping pills or sleeping drops. We think little of that. Because they have so many disadvantages that their use is suboptimal in our eyes. From getting used to the sleeping pills through to psychological and physical dependence, there are a number of other side effects that should keep you from taking it.

Basically, these are tools that a medical professional uses when you have medical reasons for a lack of sleep or to help you fall asleep. But since we are talking about classic sleep problems here, you should consider taking an alternative route. Then you will have come across the topic "Does CBD oil actually help you fall asleep?"

Our newsletter is guaranteed not to be a sleeping pill. Learn more about CBD and VAAY, register now:

Tip 5: know your tools!

What exactly happens when you have a sleep disorder? Put simply, your body's own cannabinoid system ensures that you are functioning “properly”. If this system is weakened in any way, it has problems ensuring that your body systems function properly. This is exactly where CBD could help you fall asleep. Because with classic CBD we are basically talking about an external cannabinoid that you add to your body's own cannabinoid system.

This takes on a neurotransmitter task in which it interacts with your personal endocannabinoid system and, so to speak, supports it in its tasks. Put simply: You could help your body to keep the system in balance and also ensure that sleep behavior works. Learn more about the endocannabinoid system in our hemp wiki article "Endocannabinoid system: Exciting functions and cannabidiol"

Tip 6: We have to disappoint caffeine junkies

So far, it all sounds great, doesn't it? We want to be completely honest with you here: If you are one of those people who treat yourself to several liters of coffee and half a pallet of energy drinks every day, we have to disappoint you. Then even the highest CBD oil dosage will not have any effect. We are not presenting you with a miracle cure that will bring you down within seconds. CBD sleep support, on the other hand, might work if you're not otherwise stimulating yourself. It is important, however, that we are only talking about a small element of complete sleep optimization.

The correct CBD oil dosage would only be able to develop its effect in combination with other factors. If you are interested in topics such as better sleep, the prevention of sleep disorders and aids such as cannabidiol or melatonin, you are already on the right track. Now it is important to use the available tools sensibly.

Tip 7: You can train to sleep and fall asleep!

Let's not kid ourselves: Job and general pressure to perform put you and your body in front of a real challenge. And when it comes to getting up to speed as quickly as possible or bridging smaller downs with coffee and the like, we are masters at making body and mind function as desired. There are supportive "helpers" in abundance. One aspect that many forget when scaling their performance is sleep. So-called sleep optimization is one of the easiest ways to increase your performance and simply put away your daily stress level.

And yes, sleep optimization is not an esoteric frippery, but a tool that a large number of professional athletes and athletes have been using for years. But how exactly do I become my personal sleep trainer who trains his sleep and thus gets the maximum out of the rest break in the future?

Tip 8: who is the boss here? In the future, you will determine when it is time to fall asleep

Let's start with the basics. Sleep gives your body a chance to recover. Sounds trivial, but that's how it is. Put simply, your body comes to rest, the musculoskeletal system recovers and your brain also switches to standby mode. All aspects that a healthy person cannot do without. Once you have had two nights, no one can function efficiently.

Simple example: When you lie on the couch in front of the TV in the evening, you slowly get tired. Your body is telling you that it wants to sleep now. And this is exactly where we start now. We want to optimize our sleep behavior in the future. In other words: not your body should tell you when it is time to sleep, but you set the time and your body will act accordingly.

Tip 9: Document how you "end" your days

Similar to other physical needs, it is also possible to control your sleep. Just create a plan in your head for this. What are your evenings like? On working days you leave the office in the late evening, then there’s a quick snack on the way home and you can sink into your couch. At some point you will nod off. If you find yourself here again, be sure to read on. What exactly is going on here?

Your body recognizes the evening rituals such as the last meal or the switch to personal stand-by mode as signals to end the day. These rituals can be optimized or combined in such a sensible way that you fall asleep more easily and also recover better while you sleep.

Tip 10: Often you only have to change a few “rituals” to optimize your sleep

We are now simply optimizing the example presented: You will not be able to avoid the way home. Think about whether you can cover this short distance a little more comfortably by bus, car or train. Why? We want to schedule the evening walk differently or more sensibly for our sleep optimization. It continues with dinner. We are not moral apostles here and do not want to keep you from delicious snacks under any circumstances. We want to optimize sleep and not our eating behavior.

Now it's up to you: think about what evening activities you can use to tell your body and head that we're going to go down and switch to personal flight mode. Series banging is not exactly the ideal evening activity. You don't have to do without your TV enjoyment completely. Defines a specific time window for this. At the end of the evening and to finally explain to your body that the day is over, you can now take a short walk around the block.

This is absolutely sufficient for those who don't like sports. And now not too much of a challenge for them, as we have solved the way home from the office differently. It's not about getting into an extensive fitness session that makes your body tired. Rather, it's about rituals that you get used to and that your body uses to recognize: "We're going to sleep in a moment." Meditating can also calm your body and mind. You can take a comfortable sitting posture or lie on a yoga mat. In our blog posts on meditation and relaxation, we will show you which paths can lead to inner center.

That was not all! We guess so far you can follow us. We have exchanged our previous evening rituals for elements that have a positive effect on our sleeping and falling asleep behavior. But that's not it yet. If you want to optimize your sleep or want to sleep better in the future, you also have to make a few changes in the bedroom. There are a few absolute no-gos here.

A running television is not supposed to help you fall asleep. If you've gotten used to this, this is probably one of the biggest challenges in getting used to it. If you are bothered by the absolute silence in the bedroom, you can use relaxation music or relaxation noises. You can now get them free of charge via the corresponding apps on your smartphone.

The second point is that there is no blue light at all in the bedroom.Even if the LED lights are currently very popular, you can turn them off at night. Blue light is your sleep's greatest enemy.

Last but not least, you control the temperature in your bedroom. There are a number of sleep studies that recommend temperatures around 17-19 degrees. It shouldn't be more. If you have adjusted all of these aspects, then you have ensured an almost perfect set-up for a restful sleep.

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