HAARP was used in Japan

Since the climate discussion focuses primarily on the unproven CO2 effect, I would like to finally throw in a new aspect for discussion. According to the well-informed Mr. Rolf Stüssi, the global average temperature has not increased despite the increase in CO2. However, we have had many weather anomalies for several decades. Rain, drought, warmth and cold have shifted globally and then occur in concentrated form in individual places. Floods in the most diverse areas of the world contrast with catastrophic periods of drought in other regions. So we have weather phenomena that are often confused with the climate. Yes, there is weather made by humans (not mankind), as one even occasionally learns in our relevant media coverage. This is done using HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). This technology was invented about 100 years ago by the scientist Nikola Tesla and he also had it patented. In doing so, high-frequency radio waves are sent into the ionosphere in order to charge it electrically using the radiated power. A certain part of the transmitted radiation is reflected as waves of low frequency to the earth, for example to be used for global weather manipulation. In this sense, one could certainly speak of anthropogenic climate change. However, the actors are not widely known. See U.S. Patent No. 4,686,605. "Weather manipulation is possible, for example by changing wind patterns in the upper atmosphere" [...] and "Method and apparatus for changing a region of the earth's atmosphere" For example, high and low pressure areas can be "locked in" over a long period of time and thus in a country Trigger a drought or devastating floods at will. In the 1970s you could hear on the news that such a facility was being built for experimental purposes. Today there are over 20 such plants all over the world. Apparently the technology works.
And of course these systems are also used, otherwise these huge electricity-guzzling systems would not have been built. It would be interesting to see what would happen if these devices were to be turned off for a long period of time. That would be a worthwhile goal for the climate protesters. But they have probably never heard of it. By the way, HAARP can also trigger an earthquake and then a tsunami. The environmental lobby certainly knows HAARP and its possibilities. But nobody talks about it. It is better to pull the money out of the population's pockets by means of a CO2 tax and to impose more and more prohibitions and requirements. The climate debate has now become a huge money-collecting machine. Even when it comes to the climate, it's all about profit. The proposal by the SVP and GLP to leave the money from the CO2 tax in Switzerland and distribute it to the population is therefore welcome.
We need to be guided not by our fears, but by our reason.

By the way:
Nikola Tesla would probably turn in his grave if he knew a car was named after him. This car drives old-fashioned with a battery for energy storage. Tesla installed an electric motor in his car and operated it with energy from the environment alone (called ether at the time). His investor then canceled his support on the following grounds: If everyone around the world can tap into the energy from Long Island in an uncontrolled manner, how would they still be able to earn money? The patents for this are classified in the USA because of "national security".
So Greta, hang on there!

January 06, 2020, 16:38:39

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attentive reader 02/13/2020 - 9:30 p.m.

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Was the last hurricane low ...

Was the last hurricane low possibly also caused by HAARP?

Hansruedi Kohler January 13th, 2020 - 12:04 pm

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Yes, Mr. Rolf Stüssi, The ...

Yes, Mr. Rolf Stüssi, Jean-Marie Zogg is now also MY darling. Unfortunately, there are too many people in this world who prefer to chase the mainstream, castigate themselves and live with penalty taxes and laws that unnecessarily limit freedom. We had all of this a hundred years ago. There are just too many parallels to this time. You could actually learn from history, but we don't seem to have the time or inclination to do so. That's right, the weather isn't the same as it was a few years ago. But the whole climate debate is being used for other purposes. Today Andrea Masüger surprised me happily. He didn't hack Donald Trump with his comment on Iran. He correctly assessed the situation, which the ill-considered mainstream believers cannot do. As with the climate, they are terrified. Is that what you want?

Hansruedi Kohler January 10th, 2020 - 3:22 pm

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@ Jean-Marie Zogg Yes, the ...

@ Jean-Marie Zogg
Yes, the world is glowing, drying up in one place and in another. This is exactly why I suspect the effect of HAARP. Just because of the rise of 1.5 degrees since 1850, it cannot be that Australia has to suffer such months-long fires. Why is it suddenly not raining there anymore and in other places we have land under. With HAARP it is possible to keep one area dry and the water flows more violently elsewhere.

@Alois Steinmann
Yes, unfortunately that is the case.
Some people can make the weather themselves today. This is not a conspiracy theory.

@Reto Useful
The free generation of energy as we use it today is relatively primitive, cumbersome, has a low level of efficiency and is too expensive. THE free energy as it was shown to Nikola Tesla cost practically nothing. He demonstrated with a box and an antenna that it works. In every building or car it could be tapped autonomously from an inexhaustible source. After Nikola Tesla's death, his hotel room was cleared by the FBI.

Jean-Marie Zogg January 12th, 2020 - 8:14 am

In reply to @ Jean-Marie Zogg Yes, the… by Hansruedi Kohler

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The HAARP (English high ...

The HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is an American civil (originally also military) research program in which radio waves were used to study the upper atmosphere (especially the ionosphere).

Unfortunately, although it has been refuted many times, conspiracy theorists still claim that HAARP is used to influence the weather. The assertion of Testa's free energy also belongs in the realm of fairy tales.

Jean-Marie Zogg January 9th, 2020 - 8:23 am

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The fact is (according to the notification ...

The fact is (according to notification SO 9.1.2020):
Temperatures are rising and rising: Europe had the warmest year on record in 2019. Over the entire year, Europe experienced its warmest calendar year, just before 2014, 2015 and 2018.
2019 was the second warmest year worldwide.
According to the evaluations, the climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in the atmosphere have also increased. The experts spoke of “undoubtedly terrifying alarm signals”.

Rolf Stüssi January 9th, 2020 - 4:27 pm

In reply to fact is (according to notification… by Jean-Marie Zogg

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Dearest Jean ...

Dearest Jean-Marie Zogg

We want to stay with the truth and not fall into climate hysteria, where your green-ideological friends are predicting the end of the world for 2030.

That the temperatures in Europe have risen, that is correct.

The decisive factor is not the increase in temperature in Europe but globally. Here it becomes apparent that the global average temperature (mean temperature) in 2016 was the highest measured at 14.83 degrees according to WMO. In 2017 and 2018 this dropped to 14.65 degrees.

And my dearest Jean-Marie Zogg, what about the supposedly natural greenhouse effect, where the global average temperature of 15 degrees from this effect, instead of -18 degrees greenhouse effect +33 degrees results in 15 degrees as the average temperature.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted this alleged natural greenhouse effect (as a greenhouse effect) and lists it in its earlier reports with these values. Strangely enough, this important part of the greenhouse theory and global warming is missing in the last reports and is no longer being predicted.

Dearest Jean-Marie Zogg, you would like to support the Enlightenment like Dr. Professor Harald Lesch and us explain man-made climate change and we intensify the alleged natural greenhouse effect.

Let's take a look at Dr. Prof. Harald Lesch


It goes without saying that at a global average temperature of 14.65 degrees, where we have dangerously warmed up the supposed natural greenhouse effect of 15 degrees plus CO2 emissions.

Unfortunately, that doesn't fit the whole theory that climate science wants to sell us.

And dearest of all Jean-Marie Zogg, there were times when it was much warmer in Europe with lower Co2 levels.

The theory fits less and less.

Look at Dr. Prof. Andreas Levermann


Best regards

Rolf Stüssi
Actuary Associations ProCo2 / Gegenallianz

Jean-Marie Zogg January 10th, 2020 - 10:41 am

In reply to fact is (according to notification… by Jean-Marie Zogg

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The fact is: globally it was ...

The fact is:

It was the fourth warmest year globally

The result: globally, 2018 is the fourth warmest year since the beginning of the weather recordings - after the previous years 2015, 2016 and 2017. For the fourth time in a row the global mean temperature reached one degree above the pre-industrial values ​​from 1850 to 1900. “This makes 2018 another extreme warm year that continues the long-term warming trend "

Jean-Marie Zogg January 8th, 2020 - 2:12 pm

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To the facts: First the ...

To the facts:
First the good news. HAARP emerged from the research of Eastlund and Christofilos. The aim of HAARP was to explore the upper atmosphere. The HAARP project was handed over to the University of Alaska. So far, it has not been proven that the Alaska facility is responsible for possible natural disasters.
And the bad news: global temperature is rising and rising. Since 1850 the increase has been around 1.5 ° C. The CO2 concentration rose from 280 ppm to 410 ppm over the same period. The sea level has risen at an accelerated rate, the ice sheets are melting and Australia is burning up.

Alois Steinmann January 8th, 2020 - 1:14 pm

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Interesting - that would ...

Interesting - that would mean that the sentence "I guet chöned mer s`wätter nöd sälber do" would not be quite right! One tries to do that with the hail rockets.

Reto Nutzi January 8th, 2020 - 9:28 am

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Mr. Kohler How could you ...

Mr. Kohler
What else could you earn money with when everyone around the world can tap energy from the sun in an uncontrolled manner? So-called "free energy", in this case solar energy, is actually easily available to everyone today.

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