Why do black people call me sir

The sun is beating down on the sand in the arena of Schloss Kaltenberg. Sir Lancelot fights against King Arthur, shirtless and jeans that are too low. Dull drum beats sound in the background. The only one in costumes is the magician Merlin. He tests whether his cloak flutters properly in the wind when galloping. It's a rehearsal in Kaltenberg in Upper Bavaria: the castle is gearing up for the world's largest medieval spectacle, which begins this Friday.

The black knight wears a green shirt and faded gray jeans. Frédéric Laforet squints his eyes. Then he shouts something in French. Like the other knight actors, he came from France. You work for the horse trainer Mario Luraschi, the head of Cavalcade, one of the world's best stunt teams. Laforet has been fighting for the dark side in the Kaltenberg knight tournament for six years. This year he plays Mordred, who contests King Arthur for the throne.

Frédéric, whom they all just call "Fred", is now 44. Actually no age. But in this job it is. And that's why the Frenchman is preparing to say goodbye to the role of Black Knight. Once, maybe twice, he says, he wants to fight for his honor in Kaltenberg. Then it's over. But it's not a complete farewell: because he still has the music.

This time he composed the music himself for the games that start on Friday. "More rock 'n' roll than classical music," he says, taking a tuft of tobacco out of the packet and rolling a cigarette. Then he tells.

sueddeutsche.de: Mr. Laforet, do you like to be the bad guy?

Frédéric Laforet: Yes. There's a lot more energy behind it, you need a lot of adrenaline. The Black Knight is mighty, powerful, strong. It depicts a much wider range of emotions than the other knights. I have to act aggressively from the start, but in some scenes I have to make sure that I withdraw. Playing the black knight is an extreme sport.

sueddeutsche.de: How do you become that - "Black Knight"?

Frédéric Laforet: Well ... In my case, the question arose whether I should be one of the main characters or just an ordinary knight. Because of my appearance and appearance, the director made me a black knight. This is the sixth time in a row that I am that. And I like that.

sueddeutsche.de: An example for?

Laforet: This year the King Arthur legend comes to Kaltenberg. Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevra begin an affair. When both of them are on stage, I'll be there. I have to break the couple up. I'm not allowed to be aggressive. I have to be calm, but more devious.