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Ranking: The best employers in Germany 2020

Update: kununu has chosen Germany's best employers in 2021 - you can find the current ranking by following the link.

For the eighth time, Focus Business and kununu are choosing Germany's best employers. Former and current employees rated, among other things, satisfaction with the corporate culture, working atmosphere and salary. You can find out in our ranking which companies made it onto the podium and which set the standards as the best employer in the respective industry.

The top 10 employers in Germany 2020

1st place: tecis financial services

Financial services provider tecis took first place in the race for the title of best employer in Germany. The company, based in Hamburg, impresses its employees above all in the area of ​​careers and further education. The evaluation category is given an average of 4.77 out of 5. “Those who perform well have great opportunities for advancement,” is how one user describes his experience at the financial services company. The categories of cohesion among colleagues and the working atmosphere are also very popular, while employees value the motivating atmosphere and the open interaction with one another in ratings.

2nd place: SAP

Last year's winner, SAP SE, came second this year. “Simply top as an employer” is how one employee describes his assessment of the runner-up. The software company particularly impresses its employees with its good image. The rating category is rated best on average and comes in at 4.55 out of 5, followed by the working conditions with 4.49 out of 5. In other ratings, users praise the work as beneficial for employees and family and appreciate the good team spirit.

3rd place: Munich Airport

“Top employer. Direct recommendation ”, writes one employee about his employer and third place in our ranking. As an employer, Munich Airport impresses with its interesting tasks, interaction with one another and its image, with 4.50 out of 5 each. In addition, 90 percent of employees would recommend their employer to a friend. Another user writes about the cohesion of colleagues: “I have rarely felt such a“ we ”feeling. Regardless of the area in which you come, colleagues are always very open and friendly to one another. "

The best employers by industry

In addition, the winners from 36 industries were determined. The table below provides an overview of the best employers by subject area.

How does the ranking come about?

In order to determine the 1,000 national top employers, kununu evaluated around 4 million reviews from more than 900,000 companies on behalf of Focus Business. The “Best Employer in Germany” award is given exclusively on the basis of employee opinions. Employees from all occupational groups, sectors and career levels are taken into account.

Special issue from February 18, 2020

All results of the employee survey will appear on February 18, 2020 in Focus Business “The 1000 Top Employers 2020”. The magazine also looks behind the facade of top employers and discusses how companies recruit the best talent and how applicants find their dream job.