How is badminton in contrast to other bat sports

Fit and healthy with badminton

Badminton is not only a lot of fun, it also offers a handful of benefits for body, mind and health. Quick reactions, rapid movements, good hand-eye coordination, endurance and concentration are just some of the skills that are required in badminton. This is not only good for fitness, it also prevents illnesses, gives your head a boost and promotes concentration.

The best part is that badminton is wonderfully suitable at any age and so seniors are still a lot of fun. With the high fun factor, it is also easier to stay active in winter, especially since badminton can be played in a hall. All these advantages are waiting for all those who still let the shuttlecock fly in old age.

Badminton keeps you fit

The first and most obvious benefit of badminton is the positive effects exercise has on physical fitness. The well-known saying goes: if you rest, you rust. And there is also something to it. Studies have already shown that it is never too late for exercise. Those who keep exercising in old age age healthier. Badminton brings a lot of movement into life, even if you only pick up the racket twice a week and play for an hour, you will notice the positive effects after a short time.

With full commitment, the entire body is trained, which promotes mobility. In addition, a lot of calories are burned in badminton. With up to 500 kilocalories that can be burned during an hour of badminton, the sport comes close to the calorie consumption of jogging. In addition, muscles are strengthened by the abrupt movements and changes of direction. Among other things, the torso and lateral abdominal muscles as well as the back are optimally trained here. As you can read in the online magazine Spiegel, such core training even helps prevent back pain.

Diseases are prevented

But the sport not only protects against back pain, it can also prevent other common diseases. Because playing has high breathing and heart rates, badminton helps reduce the risk of heart and lung disease. The cardiovascular system is strengthened and you stay healthy longer. In addition, exercise also lowers blood sugar. This can prevent you from developing type 2 diabetes.

As reported in the world, racket sports like badminton are also said to prolong life, even more so than jogging. In a study, the athletic activity and life span of the test subjects were examined. The result showed that people who practiced badminton were able to extend their lives by around 6.2 years. In comparison, it was 3.2 years for jogging, while tennis with 9.7 years was even in first place here.

Good for the brain and concentration

But the sport not only has an excellent physical effect on badminton players, because the psyche is also happy. Due to the high speed of the rallies, extreme concentration and coordination are required. Anyone who plays regularly will notice after a short time how the ability to concentrate increases. It is particularly important for professional players to stay focused at all times, especially in competition. Because if concentration is lost once, the entire performance suffers.

If you compare the badminton results of different countries in competitions, China as a nation always does particularly well here. For the Thomas Cup 2020 in Denmark, for example, China is the favorite for the win with odds of 1.72 at the sports betting provider Betway (as of November 5th). One reason for this is that the Chinese coaches are particularly known for their complex and demanding training units, which particularly promote the concentration and mental strength of the players. The spirit can also be stimulated with the help of the right diet. Various brain foods bring power for the head and body, which increase the chances of winning in the game. All of this shows how badminton challenges your brain and, of course, promotes it.

Badminton makes you happy

But not only the concentration is increased, because the general psychological well-being is also improved by badminton. In order to play badminton, you always need an opponent or, in doubles, a partner to play with. Sport therefore always promotes social contacts, which the human psyche needs for well-being. You make new friends and enjoy the fun of sport even more together. In addition, endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones, are released during exercise. This also favors the breakdown of the stress hormone cortisol. In this way, stress is better reduced, the risk of burnout or the like reduced and general well-being increased. Regular success stories also make their contribution and ensure even more fun and enjoyment in sports.

Badminton is a great sport that has numerous benefits for the body and mind. The racket sport can be played wonderfully at any age, so that seniors can also benefit from the positive effects of badminton. So you stay physically and mentally fit even in old age.