Which word is associated with rail transport

Railway German for beginners

A FLIRT without meat weight? What does that have to do with the train? Anyone who starts out as a career changer with the railways in North Rhine-Westphalia will be confronted with all sorts of technical terms and abbreviations. We'll help you learn vocabulary and explain some of the curiosities from classic railway German. An overview of the technical terms from A to Z without claiming to be exhaustive.

AEG we know as an electric brand. In railway German, however, this abbreviation stands for A.general E.isenbahn-Gesetz. It regulates the entry requirements and operating rules for railway companies.

Block handling: This term may be familiar to one or the other motorist when traveling through large tunnels. In order to smoothly regulate the flow of traffic, i.e. to reduce the risk of traffic jams and accidents, vehicles are only allowed through in one direction of travel while the other side has to wait. In rail traffic, there is sometimes a block handling at level crossings when several trains from different directions pass the same.

Desiro HK RRX makes (passenger) wishes come true. The four-part electric multiple unit is the backbone for the Rhine-Ruhr Express (RRX) and fast local rail passenger transport on the Rhine-Ruhr corridor and its access routes.

DoSto might sound like the Bengali word for buddy. But in railway German it is a doppelstomeant for a truck.

EBA is not a species of parrot, but that E.eatbahnbundesamt.

EBO is therefore not the namesake of EBA, separate the implementing regulation for railway companies.

ESTW: If you enter this abbreviation in Google, the search engine very quickly throws out "Electronic signal box".

ETCS: Google also helps with this abbreviation and gives the correct name "European Train Control System". The European railway companies have high hopes for this high technology. It is intended to replace the patchwork of more than 20 train control systems in Europe and to make cross-border rail traffic significantly easier.

Meat weight:This word is real railway jargon. What is meant is the total mass of all passengers on a train. Maybe you could say that more nicely!

FLIRT does not stand for an erotically connotated rapprochement between people in local transport, but for fleft, lcalmer, iinnovative, rmore egional Ttrain.

ITF is an abbreviation for "International Tennis Federation", but also for Integral Timetable, which coordinates the connections in a given line network.

Indusi sounds like a yoga figure, but what is meant is inductive train protection. The modern, microprocessor-controlled variant of this train control is also called punctiform train protection.

KISS, the American hard rock band, was certainly not the namesake for the kcomfortable, iinnovative, ssuper strong S.- Rail-train.

LINT Please do not confuse it with a chocolate brand of almost the same name. There are kilocalories at the lcalibrate, innovative Ntraffictnamely no railcars.

Puffer kisser is a jokingly ironic term for people who deal intensively with the topic of railways in their free time. A real puffer kisser surely knows the nicknames for German railway vehicles. If you still need to learn here, you can simply look up other nicknames here.

Local rail transport We are only listing for the sake of completeness: The abbreviation for local rail passenger transport is of course known.

Tf is the abbreviation for train driver, still better known as train driver.

Brick is a nickname among railroaders for the 141 series electric locomotive in a new red paint scheme.