Where did Jesus begin his ministry?

Appearance & work

Jesus only worked in public for three years. He preaches love and trust in God, who as Heavenly Father comes close to people. With amazing miracles, those who have come to terms with misery and poverty are torn out of their apathy. Should there be a better life - for her too?

Even before he appears in public at the age of about 30, Jesus visits "John the Baptist". This strict penitential preacher and ascetic calls people in the middle of the desert with harsh words to repent from their evil deeds. Of all people, Jesus of Nazareth, about whom no one speaks badly, was baptized by him for the forgiveness of sins. Witnesses then see how the "Spirit of God in the form of a dove" settles on him. And they hear a heavenly voice: "You are my beloved son who is my whole joy."

Wine instead of water

Soon afterwards, Jesus caused a stir with his first miracle. The wine runs out at a wedding. Jesus ensures that the festival does not spoil and that there is suddenly wine again. Transformed from water. Much more happens over the course of three years: He heals the terminally ill, the blind, demon-possessed and mutilated. He calls the dead son of a destitute mother from the grave. Not only does He awaken and heal, but he also claims to be forgiving of sins.

Upside down

In his famous Sermon on the Mount, he turns many things upside down. He preaches unreserved love, declaring the poor to be rich and the oppressed to be powerful. He promises the "kingdom of God" that has already begun. To this end, he calls on people to confide in him wholeheartedly. Twelve disciples, called disciples, cling to his heels.

Jesus is offensive in his public speeches. Especially with the influential people in politics and the church. In discussions he pushes the establishment hard. He exposes the leaders as rip-offs to whom power and money are more important than love for people. That arouses hope in the common people: Is he perhaps the coming "Messiah", the savior and redeemer who also brings political freedom?

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