What is the national dish of Iran


The national dish in Iran is called Ghourmeh Sabzi.

Of course you will get to know various local dishes during a trip to Iran. There are also a large number of small local restaurants. Here you can choose between many local and well-known dishes. A meal in such a restaurant should cost the equivalent of three to ten euros.

Persian cuisine - food and drink when traveling to Iran

Today's Persian cuisine in Iran is an oriental cuisine that has some similarities with Indian cuisine in terms of its consistency and seasoning, but without sharing its spiciness. It is healthy and rich in vitamins. Iranian cuisine is particularly famous for its imaginative and rich rice dishes and is based primarily on bread, rice, fresh vegetables, herbs, meat (lamb, mutton, sheep, beef and chicken, also a little fish). There are two peculiarities: In Iran you eat with a spoon and fork, the knife is not part of the traditional place setting. Also in some areas it is still the custom to eat while sitting on the carpet. The food is placed on a large tablecloth (Sofreh).


Water and / or homemade fruit juices are usually drunk with the main courses. Drinking unboiled tap water is not recommended. You can buy water in plastic bottles almost everywhere. The water in the mountain regions is drinkable and is plentiful. Tea (Tschai) is served for breakfast or at the usual coffee time in Europe, before or after a meal. In the hot summer time, people like to drink dugh, a cool drink made from yogurt and water with salt and mint. In contrast to tea, coffee is not very popular in Iran and therefore Iran is not a coffee country. Take some (instant) coffee with you if you don't want to do without it. Real coffee beans are rare, while instant coffee is more common.

Vegetarians / vegan food and drink when traveling to Iran

Vegetarians must specifically and explicitly point out their request in the restaurant, as there is usually no vegetarian food except for a few side dishes. There is a wide range of very good fresh fruit and vegetables in the markets.

A personal invitation to dinner with an Iranian family

Persian cuisine offers a wide range of delicacies. An invitation to a family is probably the most exciting dining experience. In this case, do not forget to bring a gift (e.g. candy or a small souvenir from your home country).

The national dish is called Ghourmeh Sabzi. Every mom can prepare this food and everyone loves it. The herbs parsley, fenugreek and field garlic are cooked with broad beans and pieces of meat to make a thick stew. A delicious acidity in the taste is created by the dried limes that are cooked and then removed. There is also rice and usually a salad plate made from cucumber and tomatoes.

Soft drinks and 'Doogh' (pronounced: Duch, a yoghurt drink similar to Turkish Ayran) are usually served as drinks.

Leave a little space in your stomach. Because after the main course, black tea and a plate with fruit or sweets are usually served.