How do I write a reminder email

Reminder - formalities, tips & samples

Basically, it is particularly important within the company to use a well-groomed tone. It can be a bit rough in the office among colleagues of the same rank. But when a reminder is addressed to a leader, it is of enormous importance to strike the right note. A self-confident but above all respectful demeanor is recommended here.

Formulate proactive reminders

Despite all courtesy, it is important not to lose sight of the actual content of the message, the reminder of an appointment. It should therefore always be clear when the person remembered has to do what. Particularly with this type of memory, care should be taken to ensure that the other person's authority is not undermined.

Examples of proactive reminders:

  • For appointments, events, deadlines etc. "Mr. Hoffmann, I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow xyz ..."
  • "I'll get in touch with you to ask about the outcome of the interview at XY last week."
  • "I ask you to sign the application this week."
  • "Mr. Mustermann asked me to check with you whether you still have any questions about the contract that we would like to conclude with XY."
  • "Please let Mr. XY know whether and which decision has been made on this subject."

Sample templates: Ask managers for assistance
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Reminder to executives

Managers are not uncommon reliant on memories. This can be justified by the fact that they have to keep a large number of appointments every day.

The assistant's job is to accompany the manager through the day and they regularly and early to remind you of upcoming appointments. This form of reminder should be done proactively and independently so that no appointment is forgotten. Conversely, this means that the secretary should have a complete overview of all pending items.

How can managers be asked for input?

There are different ways in which managers can be asked for input. The request can either be in the form of a request or in the form of a reminder. It must be ensured at all times that the person concerned does not feel that their authority is being undermined because they have been assigned a task.

Here, too, the basis lies in the tone of the message. It is important to be respectful, but specific, so that the content is clear at all times.

If you are concerned that the recipient of the message might feel trodden on, it is advisable to write on behalf of your manager. This makes it clear that there is a chain of command and that the author of the message is only acting on behalf of a third person.

Friendly reminder on behalf of the boss - template
  • "Dear Mr. Müller, Mr. Schmidt asked me to remind you to submit the quarterly figures. Please send them to me by November 15, 2019 so that I can prepare the quarterly report. Thank you in advance!"
  • "Mr. Mustermann asks you to send him the quarterly figures by October 12th."
  • "Mr. Mustermann asked me to remind you to submit the quarterly figures."
  • "Please remember to send Mr. Mustermann the quarterly figures. Many Thanks!"

A secretary doesn't have to hide behind her boss, however. Since it is her job to remember appointments, to complete tasks and to meet deadlines, she is entitled to act self-confidently and also to ask for additional work from higher-ranking people. Even so, courtesy continues to play an important role.


It should be noted that the request always states by when the preliminary work should be done.

Friendly reminder self-confident - template
  • Dear Mr. Miller! Would you be so kind as to send me the quarterly figures by November 15, 2019? In this case, I can prepare the quarterly report on time. Thank you in advance!
  • "Please send me the quarterly figures by October 12th so that I can finish the quarterly report on time."
  • "Please send me the latest business figures for the quarterly report by October 12th by email."
  • "Will you be so kind as to send me the documents by August 12th?"

Depending on the structure of the company, it is possible not to send the request for legwork directly to the manager, but to handle the process via his own assistant. It is then the duty to obtain the relevant information or to forward the request. This means that there is no direct contact with the manager.

Possible formulations for the request for input from the assistant
  • "Is it possible that your boss will provide us with the documents by ...? Would you ask him about it, please? "
  • "Please be so kind as to send me the documents by August 12th so that I can prepare the report within the requested deadline."

Reminder to colleagues: typical cases

Colleagues also often have to remember appointments among themselves. Here, the spectrum of memories can also range from private appointments to company meetings and deadlines. Despite the fact that these are employees who are hierarchically equally positioned, polite manners and mutual respect are an absolute must.

In working life, it doesn't matter how good the interpersonal relationship is. If someone needs to be reminded of an upcoming appointment, they should accept that reminder. Personal likes or dislikes should be left aside.

What is most reminded of colleagues within a company:

  • Deadlines
  • Meetings / discussions
  • Customer meetings
  • Re-registration deadlines
  • Birthdays of colleagues / managers
  • Events

Tips for reminders in everyday office life

Good appointment management and organization is recommended so that important appointments are not missed in everyday office life. In addition to the typical desk calendar in which the appointments are entered manually, a number of technical innovations have also developed over the past few years. These are supposed to help with the coordination of appointments. They automatically remind you of upcoming appointments so that you no longer need to look at the calendar.

The more technology develops and supports it in everyday life, the more people's memory seems to decline. Whereas in the past it was still possible to use one's own memory to remember appointments for a whole month, quite a few people today fail to remember appointments for a week.

With the social changes of the last decades, entrepreneurs and employees in large companies have an ever greater responsibility that goes hand in hand with more duties. Today, these duties also include multiple personal meetings with business customers and more intensive interpersonal disputes.