Is Camilla Parker Bowles a good person

Charles and Camilla: "Your greatest achievement is to love me"

There they stand and laugh, the British heir to the throne Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall. At the National Lamb charity event a few days ago, Herdwick breed sheep were seen jumping across a course with little toy jockeys on their backs. In Ascot, of all places, where otherwise only noble horses cast a spell over the audience.

An image for the gods, an image for the royal couple who themselves had to overcome formidable hurdles in order to find each other. Now they can laugh freely, a couple in the golden autumn of their lives.

The future royal couple, Charles III. and Queen Camilla, celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary this Thursday. The marriage had to be postponed for a day because of the death of Pope John Paul II, and Prince Charles represented his mother at the Requiem on April 8th in Rome.

He is the longest-serving Prince of Wales in British history. At times in the waiting room of the throne it looked as if Queen Elizabeth's firstborn was going to fail because of this burden, a damaged asset, possibly a question mark behind the sustainability of British royalty. But these worries have now given way to a widespread belief that Charles has finally found the balance in his life and will be able to enter the continuity of the monarchy as the best-prepared heir. Whenever that may happen.

Diana called Camilla "Rottweiler"

There is no question that he owes this above all to the 67-year-old second woman at his side, the first in his heart. Camilla's casual manner, which trumps any protocol, loosens the often rigid milieu around the 66-year-old heir to the throne, adding a degree of human normality to his charisma. Basically, the Duchess of Cornwall and Catherine Middleton aka Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of their stepson William, form the stabilizing element among the often dysfunctional Windsors.

The name Camilla was originally associated with anything but this. Diana Spencer, Prince Charles ’first wife, used to refer to her rival as the“ Rottweiler ”. The "third" in their marriage, which made it "a bit tight", as Diana attested in a famous 1995 TV interview.