Who brought joy into your life today

You brought joy into my life

We wanted to capture this feeling in an article that you will identify with.

Last update: 02 June, 2018

A pet, whether dog or cat, fills our lives with happiness. Because of them, we feel loved, needed, less lonely ... It is something that those who have never had a pet cannot understand. A pet changes everyday life, we can tell him: You have fun in my life brought.

We wanted to capture this feeling in an article that you will identify with. We are sure that you have the best pet in the world, and that you have the love and friendship between owner and pet that we will describe here.

Every time I look at you I think of the day you came into my life

Sitting on the couch and looking at you inspires me to remember, dream and relive the moment you came into my life. You came into my life and everything changed. You were so shy, but soon you ran after my legs to seek refuge, you trusted me and you barely knew me! The feeling that entered me was that of a superhero who can protect the defenseless, I felt that you need me.

The first day I had to go to work was terrible. I didn't mean to leave you alone. You looked at me sadly and you followed my steps and tried to crawl through a small crack in the door to accompany me.

I would have loved to take you with me, but as hard as I tried to explain to you that it was not possible, you did not understand me ... Your sad eyes continued to reproach me.

I wanted to go home all day, I was worried if everything was okay and if you needed me. When I returned home, your joy at seeing me was so great that I completely overlooked the clutter and just wanted to hug, kiss and pamper you.

Can you love someone more? - I thought. Today, 7 years later, I can answer that question with a sure no.

When I look at you I dream and I remember all the good times we had and ... they were all good! You brought joy into my life and my home.

No matter how many changes there were in my life or how many people stayed in my life, you loved them as much as you loved me. That made everything easier for me. This is something you've done all your life, you made my life easier.

I love to see you with my partner when you ask him for a few pats. Or when you sleep under my baby's cradle to protect it.

You are small but I am sure you would risk your life for it if it was necessary. That fills me with pride and happiness. I am sure I could never have found a more ideal life partner than you.

You make my life more beautiful

And although I have to share your love now, I'm not jealous because I know that you love me in a special way. If you need something or someone, I am always your first choice. You gave me a life full of love, a home without loneliness and a life full of happiness.

They say that when you depend on someone, you become grateful. It is said that pets are dependent, but knowßyou what I have to thank you. You made my life more beautiful, my partner fell in love with you through your love and games.

You protect my child, even if you have to sacrifice your life for it. And you make me laugh when I need it and come to me when I need your support.

I can’t say anything but thank you. Thank you for making my life happy. Thank you very much that you exist, thank you very much for allowing me to accompany you in your life, thank you for your love, your protection and your loyalty. And especially thank you for making me happy. And I wholeheartedly want you to feel like I helped you have a happy life too.