Which was the first TV show

History: The history of the television series in the USA

The first TV series

In 1946, the world's first fictional television series flickered across the screen in the USA. This genre developed from the radio soap opera, which in turn owes its name to the detergent manufacturers who used these easily produced radio series as a platform for massive product placement. American animal series such as “Flipper” and “Lassie” or crime series such as “77 Sunset Strip” spilled over to Germany as early as the 1960s.

The new series generation

In 1978, "Dallas" heralded a new era of series in the USA. Elaborately staged intrigues and power struggles find their way into the ideal American series world at prime time. In the 90s it was David Lynch who established surrealist elements and grotesque characters with “Twin Peaks”, while producer Aaron Spelling invented “Beverly Hills, 90210” and set off a trend of youth series.

Doctors, lawyers and agents

At the turn of the millennium, David E. Kelley shaped the television landscape with law series such as “Alley McBeal” and “Boston Public”. In 2001 the first series appeared on DVD with “The X Files”. Today, new American TV series from a wide variety of genres (including hospital, crime, mystery) are vying for the popularity of viewers all over the world. The vampire series "Moonlight" is currently at the top of the list among German fans.

The oldest TV series

The US series "The Guiding Light" is the oldest TV soap in the world. The endless series began as a radio broadcast in 1937 before being shown for the first time on American television in 1952. On September 7, 2006, the US will reach 15,000. Episode broadcast. In Germany, the series started in 1986 under the title "Springfield Story" on RTLplus. The station starts broadcasting with episode 8258, so the episodes are about eight years behind those of the US broadcast. In 1999 the series was discontinued in Germany after more than 3000 episodes. Until December 2004 "Springfield Story" was the series with the most episodes broadcast in Germany, it was replaced by "Gute Zeiten - Schlechte Zeiten".

The US television station

The television network ABC is responsible for the most successful series in recent years. The hits "Lost", "Desperate Housewives" and "Grey's Anatomy" could be seen here. The US cable broadcaster Fox scored with the series “24”, “Prison Break” and “Doktor House”, which were shown in Germany by RTL and RTL II. The pay-TV program HBO produced award-winning series such as "The Sopranos" and "Six Feet Under". While the financially weaker pay-TV competitor Showtime sent special-interest productions such as the lesbian series “The L-World” and the drug comedy “Weeds” into the race, which were having a hard time in our country.