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Pretty much best friends

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Feature film France 2011

Voices on the film

»The film is produced with perfect craftsmanship, the excellent leading actors harmonize splendidly, the timing in the comic and serious scenes is right, and the formula that emerges early on is filled with life in an original and loving way. (Der Tagesspiegel) «

»Handicapped accessible comedy, staged with refreshing carefree. (Cinema) «

'Pretty best friends' of Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache thrives on an appropriate pinch of cliché, many contrasts and their nimble overcoming. At the same time, the film is a homage to life that leaves you cheerful and also a little thoughtful. (Nürnberger Nachrichten) "

“The film works so well because of the two main characters. François Cluzet and Omar Sy are one of the most beautiful cinema couples of the season. You play the two friends so charming and lively that the sheer pleasure of them fades any criticism. (The daily newspaper)"

The film

They come from different worlds: wealthy Philippe lives in a chic Parisian district and doesn't really have to worry about his standard of living. But since a fateful paragliding accident he has been paraplegic, sits in a wheelchair and needs all-round care at home.

Driss, on the other hand, is an immigrant child, lives with his mother and little stepbrother in the suburbs and has just served a prison sentence. When Philippe is looking for a new nurse, Driss only shows up at the interview to have a certificate signed for the employment office - knowing full well that he will never get the job.

But he is very wrong: Impressed by Driss ‘casual manner and the complete absence of hypocritical pity, Philippe offers the unconventional young man a job on a probationary basis. So Driss moves into the luxurious city apartment, makes himself comfortable and mixes up the noble domicile with his non-conformist manner. Above all, however, he not only manages to touch his notoriously critical boss properly, but also to bring him out of the depressive mood with fresh energy and zest for life.

Over time, the mutual trust between the two fundamentally different men grows. A deep friendship develops. Even when Philippe learns of the criminal past of his employee, this does not constitute a reason for dismissal for him. On the one hand, Driss’s spontaneity fascinated and carried away, on the other hand, he introduces his carer to the beauty of art and classical music.

When Driss learns of Philip's affection for a long-time pen friend, he encourages his employer to finally meet the one whom he adores from afar - even if this encounter initially fails because of Philip's desolate self-confidence. But then one day Driss's stepbrother is on the doorstep and reminds him that he still has a family elsewhere. Faced with the choice of continuing to care for Philippe or taking on his own responsibility, Driss has to make a decision.

To production

It was a documentary that originally inspired the two directors Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano: the true story of the paraplegic businessman Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and the special friendship with his caretaker, the 21-year-old Algerian Abdel Yasmin Sellou. Based on these facts, Nakache and Toledano created a touching and life-affirming comedy with tragic undertones that hit the nerve of the audience exactly: The one with the French star François Cluzet ("Prét-à-Porter") and his counterpart, the rousing one Omar Sy's bundle of energy ("Micmacs - Paris belongs to us!"), Perfectly cast film took the European cinema charts by storm and became the most successful French film of all time.

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Cast and staff

PhilippeFrançois Cluzet
DrissOmar Sy
YvonneAnne Le Ny
MagicAudrey Fleurot
MarcelleClotilde Mollet
Functional areaName of the staff member
Music:Ludovico Einaudi
Camera:Mathieu Vadepied
Book:Olivier Nakache
Eric Toledano
Director:Olivier Nakache
Eric Toledano

First broadcast: 07/07/2014