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The best viewpoints in London

London lookouts. For all height junkies and those who would like to defy their fear of heights, here is the right article: I'll tell you the 10 best addresses for a terrific one View over London.

The best viewpoints in London: The 10 best addresses for a great view over London

Personally, I love to start my city trip at a vantage point. For me there is hardly a better way to get a first overview of a city. From high above you can get a clear picture of the location of the sights and the important points of the city for the first time. It is also interesting to see the most famous sights such as Big Ben in London first from a distance, very small, and then in the course of the following days more closely.

There are many skyscrapers, hills and sights in London from which you have a great view over the city. To some Lookouts in London You can take the elevator very comfortably, others have to be climbed on foot. Many of the viewpoints are chargeable, but in my opinion they are well worth the money. However, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view over London for free. I think it is well worth visiting several viewpoints in London. After all, the perspective on London is always a little different and you discover the most diverse facets of the British capital.

1. The best viewpoints in London: The Shard

For me it is absolute best view point in london quickly found: the skyscraper The Shard. The highest point in London offers a 360º view of the city. The fastest elevator in town takes you to a height of 230 meters in no time at all. On the 69th floor of the high-rise The Shard there is an all-round glazed viewing platform, which - how could it be otherwise - offers a great view of the city.

Champagne, cocktails, a glass of wine or something sweet are ready (in case you can even get your mouth shut in amazement). In good weather you can see up to 60 kilometers and even see Windsor Castle. But even when the weather is gray (as is so often the case in London and also on my last visit to The Shard viewing platform) the view is simply gigantic!

From the City of London via Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye you have a clear view in all directions.

2. The best viewpoints in London: London Eye

The London Eye directly on the Thames is probably on your must-see list anyway. So why not start your London vacation here and get an overview of Westminster and Southwark? These two quarters are best seen from the gondolas of the London Eye.

A ride on the Ferris wheel is exactly one lap and takes about 30 minutes. The London Eye never stops and you get into the gondola while the Ferris wheel continues to spin. But don't panic, it moves so slowly that getting on is not a problem. It is best to book tickets for the London Eye in advance to avoid the long queues. I also recommend taking a ride on the London Eye at sunset! Simply gigantic!

3. The best viewpoints in London: Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge in London offers a great view over London in two ways. The two towers of London's most famous bridge are connected by two walkways.

From the two walkways you have a great view over the Thames on the one hand, on the west side you can clearly see the City of London, Southwark with the City Hall, Shakespeare’s Globe and opposite the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral. On the eastern side, the view extends to the harbor district.

You will get the real thrill when crossing the glass floor in Tower Bridge. Yes, you read that right! Since 2013 there has been an 11-meter-long glass floor through which you can look at the Tower Bridge roadway or, like me, at the London Marathon.

4. The best viewpoints in London: Sky Garden

The Sky Garden in London is definitely worth a visit, even if it is not that easy to organize. “Sky Garden” is exactly the program here: a public garden at 155 meters, high above, in the sky, so to speak. Public because it is completely free and therefore offers a great free view of London.

Even if access to the Sky Garden in London is free, visitors must register in advance and reserve tickets online. These are always booked out quickly, which is why it often looks rather bad with a spontaneous visit.

Surrounded by all the green, the Sky Garden remains one of the greatest for me Lookouts in London.

5. The best viewpoints in London: The Monument

Anyone who has browsed the HelpTourists site a bit may have read about the Great Fire of London at one point or another. In 1666 it destroyed large parts of the city. The Monument is intended to commemorate this memorable year. Every year over 100,000 visitors climb the narrow spiral staircase with its 311 steps and are rewarded with a great view over London.

For all those who are not completely free from giddiness, here is some good news: The observation gallery at the top of the column is closed with a grille. The 360º view from above is really impressive. All the famous sights of this corner of London can be seen: St Paul's Cathedral, The Shard, the Tower of London, London Bridge and the banks of the Thames.

6. The best viewpoints in London: Primrose Hill

The ascent to the 80 meter high Primrose Hill at Regent’s Park is rewarded with a unique view of London’s skyline. In fact, the view here is a little different than from downtown lookouts. You are not in the middle of the turmoil, but look at London from a little further away.

The big pluses are obvious: Primrose Hill is a large park with sunbathing lawns. So here you don't have to huddle with other visitors on a narrow viewing platform, but can relax and spread your picnic wherever you like. In addition, access to Primrose Hill is completely free. And because I'm a big fan of sunsets, I recommend heading to Primrose Hill in the late afternoon or evening.

7. The best viewpoints in London: Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is a museum, it really has no place on this list of viewpoints in London, you think now, right? Yes and no. The Tate Modern is indeed a modern art museum and it's completely free.

Since 2016 there has been a new viewing platform in the former power station, the Switch House. And this, like the museum itself, can be visited free of charge. From the 10th floor there is a great view of St Paul's Cathedral, the Millennium Bridge and The Shard.

8. The best viewpoints in London: Parliament Hill

A little further north of Primrose Hill is another elevation that provides a great view over London. Parliament Hill in London's Hampstead Heath Park is particularly popular for long walks, even with a dog, for example! Because there are some areas here where dogs are allowed to run around freely. In summer the lakes are open for swimming and there are also many other sports activities to try out. Children will find one or two climbing frames here.

For me, Parliament Hill is a great opportunity to enjoy the view over London and get some fresh air.

9. The best viewpoints in London: St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is the masterpiece of the well-known London architect Sir Christopher Wren. After the Great Fire of London, St Paul's Cathedral has been rebuilt with hard work. From the dome with its 3 galleries, visitors have a great view over London.

The view from the stone gallery is not bad, but then it goes one floor higher to the gold gallery. I think the view through the two towers of St Paul's Cathedral is simply gigantic. Visiting St Paul's Cathedral, however, is not entirely free. The free alternative is right next to the cathedral and is called One New Change.

The shopping center, which opened in 2010, has a free roof terrace. Here you are very close to the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral.

10. The best viewpoints in London: Emirates Air Line

If you want to discover the port district of London from above, you should definitely take a trip with the Emirates cable car Companies. Europe's first inner-city cable car runs from the “Emirates Greenwich Peninsula” station (near the O2 arena) to the “Emirates Royal Docks” station. The cable car takes you across the Thames. My tip: take the cable car. If you can also pay directly with the Oyster Card, it is even cheaper!

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