What was your worst not again moment

Those were your worst moments at Christmas

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No, for very few people Christmas is as contemplative and harmonious as it is in the IKEA advertising. For many, it feels more like at the family table Apocalypse Now. In retrospect, survivors often report merciless verbal battles. Sometimes people like to shoot with seemingly unimportant things:

“My father complained several times and with great force about a calendar that he received as a gift. I should never give him a calendar again! Under no circumstances did he want a calendar. He wouldn't have a place for it! You have to know that he lives alone in a row house and has enough free space on his walls. The calendar showed motifs of his former workplace from a bird's eye view. His objection that it shouldn't be a criticism, just a hint, didn't help, it made the whole thing even more bizarre. "

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But there are also people who did not spend Christmas with their families. The so-called feast of love was painful for them too:

"This year I had to spend Christmas Eve alone at home for the first time because I broke off contact with my family."

Others are probably ready to consider just that:

“After a very harmonious Christmas Eve with the family, which my husband and I organized, we said goodbye to his brothers and mother-in-law. As I hugged the older brother-in-law, I felt his hand slide from my back onto my bum. He was the driver and he wasn't drunk. I've known the man for twelve years, now I would love to never have to meet him again. "

“When my grandma told the assembled family that I was fat and should eat less. I am underweight. "

"When in a family discussion gays and lesbians were put on the same level as child molesters and the statement was made that the meaning of our being was procreation."

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Driving Home for Christmas - and preferably away again quickly

For many, Christmas also means returning to places of youth that one would like to forget as quickly as possible. In the traditional pub in the village, you meet former schoolmates and often have to submit to a questionnaire that collects detailed information about your marital status, your last promotion or children's plans. Or an unexpected moment of inconvenience at Christmas dinner in the restaurant announces itself ...

“I saw my one-night stand from the Driving Home for Christmas Party (December 23) on Christmas Day. At the buffet of the restaurant, where our two families ate independently of each other at the same time. "

... or the next day over the toilet bowl:

"My entire family contracted the norovirus on the 24th, which then broke out in everyone on the following day."

Quirky sayings, confusing dreams, unrequited love

You also experienced this at Christmas this year - and believe us, we suffer with you:

“I fell down the stairs on Christmas Eve and then went to the emergency room on Christmas Day. Conclusion: torn ligament. "

"My mother gives my partner a book with the title: Healing the Wounds of Childhood - A Guide to Self-Healing

"Unrequited love …"

“When my mother gave me an egg for Christmas. And, yes, only the Ü-egg. "

"The realization that my school friends in their late twenties can apparently only talk about moving in and having children."

“The night before Christmas I had a dream about a colleague that I fell in love with a little. That confused me so emotionally that I was totally dismissive to my boyfriend all day. "