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Project management software - the 7 best tools

Anyone with the topic Project management software occupied closer, is quickly inundated by a multitude of different tools. The PM software market offers such a large and unmanageable range that it is extremely difficult to get a first overview.

Which criteria are decisive when choosing the right software? Functionality? Project views? Ease of use? Interfaces? Data security? Support?

Below is an overview of 7 project management software solutions on the internet.

Which project management software is right for me and my team?


In the listing of the software platform Capterra there are currently over 775 tools that provide support in the areas of “project management”, “task management”, “collaboration” and “organization”. That doesn't make the selection any easier! Where do you start?

When doing an initial tool research, the question will quickly arise: Which software brings me, my team and my organization the highest added value? This question cannot be answered easily.

In addition to the pure functions, you should test the user interface and usability in a small team. The best project management software is always the one that is accepted and used by your employees. A tool alone is not enough here.

Project management software from the cloud

When choosing the right project management software, cloud solutions are more in demand than ever in the age of digitization. The advantages are apparent:

  • Start directly without downloading and installing
  • Can be used by all end devices
  • Work anywhere
  • Automatic updates ensure that they are always up-to-date
  • No internal care and maintenance work
  • High scalability

Modern project management relies on cloud-based software. SaaS service providers offer secure and robust application solutions. We'll introduce you to the 7 best cloud-based tools for your project management and give you a good starting point for choosing the right solution.

The 7 best project management tools

factro - an intuitive all-round solution

factro is a fresh project and task management tool that is being developed in Germany by Schuchert Managementberatung (note: the author of the article works for this company). The all-round tool for successful task and project management, with a server location in Frankfurt a.M., also relies on full GDPR compliance and the highest German data protection standards.

Particularly noteworthy are the four project views: project structure tree, Gantt chart, Kanban board and table. With a click you can switch between the respective views and choose the perspective that is best for you. factro relies on a clear project visualization and convinces with easy and intuitive user guidance via drag & drop.

A cross-project dashboard also provides an overview of all to-dos. Ideal for multi-project management with a focus on effective teamwork. With the sophisticated performance recording, you always know what still needs to be done and where you need support. factro can be used in the basic version for an unlimited period of time and free of charge with up to 10 users. A user-friendly tool for modern, agile teams who want to start immediately with a new tool. Free support rounds off the offer.

Trello - an agile Kanban tool

Trello consists of so-called Kanban boards and supports very agile and project-related work. The strength of the tool lies in the flexibility of the boards, which can be freely defined and configured by the user. This is how the Kanban technology is optimally supported. The individual cards can be designed according to individual points: define tasks, tick off checklists, comment, set deadlines or attach files.

If a Kanban view and project-related teamwork are sufficient, you will not miss missing functions - such as an overarching task view, the Gantt chart or the table - and you will find an effective project management tool in Trello. The software can be used in both a professional and a private context. In terms of price, the cloud is offered in three tariffs: the free basic or the paid business version for teams and the enterprise version for companies. Payment is made per user.

The subject of "data security" is not entirely unimportant: Your personal data is hosted on US servers at Trello and is therefore not indirectly subject to the European GDPR.

Asana - a project management tool for good teamwork

Asana is an American tool for improving team and project work. Particularly suitable for small to medium-sized teams, the software facilitates teamwork through simple task workflows. The map view gives an overview of the task status and the project progress.

The dashboard shows all task information at a glance. Features such as “calendar” or “chat” are also included. Those who rely on lean PM tools will find a good solution at Asana, which, however, reaches its limits with larger projects and specific requirements. One advantage of the reduced range of functions: The surface looks tidy. However, the colorful style can seem too playful to one or the other user. That is certainly a matter of taste.

The mobile implementation of the app, which enables easy use on the smartphone, is particularly good. In addition, the project management software, which was developed by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, offers numerous interfaces and integrations: e.g. Zapier, Salesforce, MailChimp or Evernote. Like Trello, Asana stores user data outside the EU in US data centers.

Smartsheet - The tool for table lovers

Washington-based Smartsheet is a hybrid of a project management tool and a spreadsheet program. Lovers of project views in table form will get their money's worth here.

The basis of the tool, which is not easy to use for beginners, is the spreadsheet view. All the tasks created in the tool can be found here - across projects. The sheet view can be shared and edited with the team. Status, urgency or progress can be seen at a glance. The view can be designed as required.

The Gantt chart including process relationships and the calendar view also support project work in the team. The software can be booked by both individual and business users - payable per user and month. Enterprise packages are also offered. A sovereign project management software based on the "Excel principle". However, the provider does not provide any information about the server location on the website.

Meistertask - a project management tool with an individual board view

Like Trello, Meistertask works according to the Kanban system. It consists of customizable Kanban boards that make the work of agile teams easier. The number of boards can be limited by the user in order not to lose track and stay focused.

The project management software based near Munich makes a project-related workflow easy to implement and guides teams to their project goal with the help of customizable lists. Both process-oriented and editorial work is possible. In addition, automatically executed actions such as "Activate due dates" or "Move tasks to lists" can be set for each list.

Meistertask is less puristic and the design is generally fresher than Trello. In terms of functionality, however, both software solutions are very similar. You can start with a free version in which you can integrate an unlimited number of users - but with a limited range of functions. The upgrade to a paid pro or business tariff enables you to expand the functions.

Basecamp - the software for communicative project management

Basecamp is an easy-to-use project management software that reduces the user interface to the bare essentials and thus appears very minimalistic. The dashboard contains the categories "Companies", "Teams" and "Projects". It also includes a cross-project overview of activities in the form of a timeline.

The subject of "communication" is very important at Basecamp: Thanks to an integrated chat function, company-related or general chats between all users of a project or a company can take place directly in the tool. There is also a calendar function that provides a limited period of six weeks in which tasks can be entered.

The US project management tool with a server located in the USA is only available in English and can be tested free of charge for 30 days. A paid full version for an unlimited number of users can be booked at a fixed price - regardless of the number of users.

monday.com - a visual task management software

monday.com is an Israeli PM tool that relies heavily on visual elements and is very user-friendly. The software is kept quite simple so that no complex functions such as predecessor / successor relationships are available to the user. Possible tool integrations should be emphasized: The integration of "Slack" and "Gmail" enables, for example, automated notification when the task status changes. What looks practical at first glance, but shouldn't lead to your Slack channel or mailbox being flooded with messages.

The user interface can be designed as desired with the help of widgets. These individual views help you to answer questions such as “How many tasks have I already completed?” Or “How many tasks are still outstanding?” At a glance. The user can switch between a Kanban, calendar and timeline view.

Unfortunately, monday.com is not available in a free version. The four fee-based packages are based on tiered pricing and not on the number of effective users. A booking is possible from 5 users. The next levels are 10, 15, 25 or 50 users. The support is in English.


Which tool is suitable for you or your company can only be answered individually. Are you looking for a solution for effective teamwork? Are you looking for a tool that supports you in your agile, project-related Kanban technique? Is it important to you to organize topics and tasks across projects?

As you can see, there is no such thing as ONE real tool. The best thing to do is to try out one or the other project management software in a small team and see how it is received and what your team likes. Because: The best project management software is always the one that is accepted and used by your employees.

The author
Katarzyna Lewandowska from Schuchert Managementberatung in Bochum is an expert in project management tools and has a clear view of the PM software jungle.

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