I am a female man

Woman, man or neither: Documentary "Male, Female, Trans *" on 3sat

Mika is 14 and a trans boy. The student explains that he was born in the wrong body - as a girl: "I am a boy and I will always be a boy". Even in kindergarten, Mika preferred to be the prince rather than the princess. His family has always supported him. Sex reassignment operations are only possible after the age of 18, hormones postpone puberty.

Mika is a victim who appears in the documentary Male, Female, Trans * - What does gender mean? (to be seen on Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. on 3sat) tells how he is doing with gender attributions and his body. The makers Constanze Grießler and Franziska Mayr-Keber also meet Danny. The trans man lives near Linz and is active in social media, speaks of himself there, gives tips. He officially came out after his school days, when he started injecting testosterone. "It was like when a dream came true," he says. "Some people say I have a personality disorder. I don't, I'm trans."

Grießler and Mayr-Keber approach the topic in a colorful and optimistic way. In addition to personal experiences, facts and figures also have their place. Around five and a half percent of all men and four percent of all women feel dissatisfied with their gender, but that does not mean that these people are considering sex reassignment, says Mick van Trotsenburg. The gynecologist headed the "Transgender Competence Center" in Amsterdam.

Trotsenburg: "There weren't fewer patients in the past, we just didn't see it. Now it's becoming clearer. And of course also through the media attention that the whole thing is currently getting". The WHO will not remove transsexuality from the list of mental illnesses until 2022.

Above all, the documentary conveys the hope that the gender of a person may no longer play a role in the near future. "I don't know what being a woman is. I don't know what being a man is. Ask a gender researcher. I really don't know. I just know what it feels like to be yourself", brings therapist Cornelia Kunert gets to the point. Worth seeing. (Astrid Ebenführer, April 21, 2021)