Which degrees belong to the MINT

Studying MINT

Science and mathematics education

In addition to the previous teacher training courses leading to the first state examination, the Bachelor and Master of Education courses for the scientific and mathematical subject combinations of the in-depth teacher training course have been offered since the 2015/2016 winter semester.

In the courses of study, students acquire specialist, didactic and educational skills that prepare them for the future professional field as a high school teacher in the subjects of mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics, as well as qualifying them for extracurricular activities in the natural science and pedagogical field. In addition to general education schools, this job market includes, for example, the areas of adult education, in-company training, extracurricular learning locations such as science centers, museums or national parks, and finally teaching material development or scientific and technical communication.

Further information can be found on the RUL website.

science and technology

(Didactic subject for teaching at primary and secondary schools)

The NWT course combines important disciplines in the natural sciences and enables students to take a holistic view of their environment.

That is why one studies within the framework of NWT:

  • Basics of biology
  • Basics of chemistry
  • Basics of physics

In addition, knowledge in interdisciplinary subject areas is also conveyed.

Further information can be found on the NWT website.